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25+ Easter Crafts for Kids

Looking for some easy Easter crafts for kids? This list has over 25+ of the best Easter craft ideas you can make with kids. We especially love all of the bunny and Easter egg crafts!

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Easter Crafts for Kids

25+ Easter Crafts for Kids

We’ve broken down the crafts into different sections for you to make it easy to find the perfect Easter craft for your kids!

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Here are more than 9+ of our favorite Easter Bunny crafts.

Our favorites are our Paper Plate Easter Bunny and the popsicle stick Easter bunnies.

If you want to create a card from a printable template then this Easter bunny card makes it easy.

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Plate Easter Bunny

2. Paper Roll Easter Bunny

3. Egg Carton Easter Bunny

4. Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny

5. Handprint Easter Bunny Card

6. Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

7. Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny Holding Carrot

8. Paper Roll Bunny Stamps

9. Paper Bunny Craft

Here are a few more of our favorite Easter bunny crafts!

See this toilet paper roll bunny craft. An fun way to re-use paper rolls!

Paper Roll Bunny

These cotton ball bunny cards are fun to make and kids will love giving these as Easter cards!

Bunny Craft for Easter

Looking for a fun card to make? Try this Easter bunny and carrot card! There is a free printable template for you to use too!

Easter Bunny and Carrot Card

For a fun Easter activity, make these Easter bunny slime jars. Kids will love making the bunnies and playing with the slime! These would also make great Easter basket gifts.

Easter Bunny Slime

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Whether you want to decorate real Easter eggs or have fun crafting Easter eggs to hang on an Easter tree – we have an idea for everyone!

If you don’t have an Easter tree, we love just grabbing some branches and placing them in a vase for an Easter centerpiece. These Salt Dough Easter Eggs are perfect for hanging as a centerpiece and kids will love helping to make them!

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

1. Salt Dough Easter Eggs – Hang them on some branches to make an Easter centerpiece or turn them into magnets.

2. Pasta Easter Eggs – grab a free printable on the post to make them!

3. Printable Easter Egg Wreath – get the free printable to make this fun paper wreath!

4. Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

5. Felt Easter Eggs – grab some felt, pom poms, buttons and a few other supplies and let kids create their own felt Easter eggs!

6. Tape Resist Easter Egg Art

7. Salt Painted Easter Eggs

8. Potato Stamped Easter Eggs – this is a fun and really easy Easter craft activity or you can turn them into Easter cards

9. Easter Egg cards – get 3 free printable card designs!

If you need free printable Easter eggs for coloring – you can get those here.

You can also cut up sponges to use for Easter egg sponge painting!

A few more of our favorite Easter egg art ideas:

Easter Chick Easter Crafts for Kids

And finally, see these adorable Easter chick crafts!

Easter Chick Crafts for Kids

1. Clothespin Chicks – comes with a free printable template and also how to make a bunny and sheep too!

2. Handprint Chick Card – also shows how to make a handprint sheet and bunny!

3. Chick Paper Plate Sewing Project – this is a great fine motor Easter activity too!

4. Handprint and Footprint Chick – these are so cute! Make these as an adorable keepsake craft.

5. Peek-a-Boo Chicks – kids would love making these and playing with them after!

We hope you enjoyed this list of cute Easter crafts for kids. Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Jacqui Kelly

    Is there a template for teh bunny, sheep and chick using the pegs? I really love this idea and a template would be ideal for my class.

    Many thanks,

    1. The Best Ideas for Kids

      Yes if you search “Easter Clothespin Crafts” you can find it on the post.

  2. Velma Summerford

    Do you carry things with a Christian theme? I want them to see why Easter is not about bunnies.

    1. The Best Ideas for Kids

      Thanks for the suggestion Velma! Right now we don’t have any on our site but we can definitely add some to this post.

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