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Bubble Wrap Easter Egg Painting

This is a really fun process art activity for Easter! Kids can design their own Easter eggs on bubble wrap and use it to make Easter prints. Make cards, table covers or wrapping paper with this fun art activity!

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Easter Egg Bubble Wrap Art

Bubble Wrap Painted Easter Eggs

This process art activity makes the prettiest textured Easter eggs! These would look great turned into cards or printed on a canvas too.

Painting with Bubble Wrap for Easter

Kids will love painting the bubble wrap and this is a fun way to reuse a recycled material too!
If you love recycled crafts, see my recycled crafts for kids books!

Easter Egg-Bubble Wrap Print

Supplies to Make a Bubble Wrap Painted Easter Egg

Acrylic paint

Black cardstock (or you can use black construction paper)

– Bubble wrap

– Printable Easter egg template – you can get the template at the bottom of the post

Recycling Tip

Save bubble wrap from delivery packages! You only need a small piece for this craft.

Easter Egg Printed with Bubble Wrap

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Easter Egg Painting with Bubble Wrap

How to Make a Bubble Wrap Painted Easter Egg

1. Print off the Easter egg template (or you can draw your own).

You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

2. Get a piece of bubble wrap that will fit the template.

Cut out Bubble Wrap

3. Use the template to cut out an Easter egg shape from the bubble wrap.

Cut into Egg shape

4. Paint your bubble wrap!

Kids can do all sorts of Easter designs. Stripes, diagonals, zigzags or a combination.

We did a color at the top and bottom.

Paint Bubble Wrap

Then painted the zigzag in the middle of the egg.

Paint zig zag on bubble wrap

Finally, painted around the zigzag.

Paint Bubble Wrap Egg

5. Carefully flip over your egg and place on black cardstock.

You can also use white cardstock but we found the colors pop more on the black.

Press Bubble Wrap Onto Paper

6. Press down firmly to transfer the paint. Then carefully remove the bubble wrap.

Peel Bubble Wrap Off

You can repaint the template and do it again! Or wash it off, let it dry and try a different design.

These turn out to have such a fun texture to them!

Bubble Wrap Printing for Easter

Save the bubble wrap and try another design like a bunny or chick!

Get the Free Printable Template

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