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Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Use cool whip to dye your Easter eggs this year and make these cool whip Easter eggs. This process is our favorite way to dye eggs. It’s easy, fun for kids and gives a beautiful marble effect on the eggs! The best part is that the eggs are still completely edible afterwards.

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Cool Whip Easter Eggs Recipe

Dye Eggs with Cool Whip

We did every color in the rainbow to see how this effect would work on each color. You can do all of the colors or pick your favorite ones!

Cool Whip Easter Eggs Rainbow

We love the way the green, blue and purple turned out.

You can even mix different colors together – and it’s fun to see the effect made when mixing too.

Mix up to 3 colors for a mixed marble effect.

Mix Colors for Cool Whip Eggs

Watch the Video Tutorial

This process gives a beautiful marble effect on the eggs. And the best part is that the eggs are completely edible after! Unlike using shaving cream, which I would not recommend eating afterwards.


Egg shells are porous so they will soak in any material you place on them. That is why we love making these cool whip eggs – because they are fun to make and still edible!

Dying Eggs with Cool Whip

Ingredients Needed to Make Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Here’s what you need to make Cool Whip Easter Eggs:

  • Vinegar
  • Cool Whip – 1L tub, if using more bowls you may need 2
  • Liquid Food Coloring – we like this brand of food coloring because it’s concentrated and will give you more vibrant colors
  • Eggs (6 if doing one of each color)
  • Small Bowls or Container
  • Rubber Gloves or Disposable Gloves

What is Cool Whip?

For our friends outside of the US and Canada, Cool Whip is just a form of whipped cream. You can still do this same process using whipped cream instead.

How to Make Cool Whip Eggs

1. First hard boil the eggs. Let cool.

Hard boil the eggs and leave the shell on.

While your eggs are boiling, lay down some parchment paper, wax paper or protective table cloth to protect your surface.

2. Soak eggs in vinegar.

Place vinegar into a cup and add an egg into it. Let it soak fully in the vinegar for 3 minutes. You’ll need to repeat this step for each egg you’d like to dye.

Place Eggs in Vinegar for Dying

You can skip soaking in vinegar, and this process will still work but your coloring won’t adhere to the egg as much. Soaking in vinegar makes a more vibrant, colorful egg.

3. Add cool whip into a small bowl.

Add Cool Whip to Bowl

4. Add food coloring.

Then add 2-3 drops of food coloring. We like this brand of food coloring because it’s concentrated and will give you more vibrant colors. You can use regular food coloring too but the colors may not be as vibrant.

Using a toothpick (you can also use a fork), swirl the food coloring so that it doesn’t fully mix in. You want a swirl effect so that when you dip the egg in, it will leave a swirl/marble effect on your egg.

Swirl Cool Whip and Dye

4. Dip eggs.

Put on your protective gloves on (this is to protect your hands from the food dye).

Dip and roll the egg in the bowl to full cover the egg with the cool whip/ food coloring. You want the most concentrated parts of the color to touch the egg so it transfers.

Dip Egg Into Cool Whip
Roll Egg in Cool Whip and Let Sit

5. Let the egg sit.

Let the egg sit in the cool whip for 10 minutes. If you’re in a rush you can wipe off the cool whip right away. The longer it sits, the more color that will transfer.

Let Sit in Cool Whip

6. Rinse.

Rinse off the egg with water and wipe with a paper towel.

If the egg is not vibrant enough, dip it again. The lighter colors (yellow and orange) will not transfer as nicely as the darker colors.

7. Repeat the steps for each color you would like to make.

Try mixing colors! You can learn about color mixing by mixing primary colors or just pick color combinations you would like to make!

You can mix up to 3 colors in the bowl. In this bowl we mixed red and yellow.

Swirl Red and Yellow in Cool Whip

Once you’re done, save the cool whip for a dessert treat. Read the packaging details for how long Cool Whip can be stored in the refrigerator.

How Long Will the Eggs Last?

Hard boiled eggs can be stored in the refrigerator and will last up to 1 week. If you want to leave the eggs out of the refrigerator for a display, you will need to blow out the eggs instead. Otherwise the eggs are good for up to 2 hours at room temperature.

We hope you enjoy making your own Cool Whip Easter eggs!

For another fun egg dying method – try using food coloring and water to dye your eggs

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