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Salt Painted Easter Eggs

These salt painted Easter eggs are a really fun process art activity for Easter! Kids will love to see the paint run along the salt. You can choose from our 3 free printable designs or kids can design their own!

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Salt Painted Easter Egg Craft

Salt Painting for Easter

For another spring salt painting activity, see our spring salt painting which includes spring templates you can try!

Salt painting is such a fun art project for kids. All you need is salt, glue and watercolor paint to create these colorful Easter eggs.

Salt Painting Easter Eggs Craft

Not only are the results beautiful, but the process is fun too! Kids loving seeing the paint run along the salt.

Painted Easter Eggs with Salt

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Supplies Needed to Make Salt Painted Easter Eggs

  • White cardstock (the thicker, the better as the water will not seep through the paper)
  • Watercolors – here is a set with lots of colors You can also use liquid watercolors.
  • Table salt
  • White glue – a smaller bottle with a smaller nozzle will make a thinner glue line and this helps keep the salt not too clumpy.
  • Paintbrush
  • A little bit of water
  • Easter egg templates – you can get the templates at the bottom of the post

Painting Salt for Easter


  • We recommend painting right away. The salt can start to flake off so it’s best to paint as soon as you add the salt.
  • Use some cardboard underneath your cardstock to avoid getting your counter or table wet as the watercolor may seep through a bit.
  • If you’d like to keep your art, you can scrape the salt off once dry.
Painted Salt Easter Templates

How to Make Salt Painted Easter Eggs

1. First, print out the Easter eggs templates.

You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

You want to use a thick cardstock paper so that the watercolor will not seep through. You can also paint on cardboard. The paper we are using is 110lb weight.

Print Easter Egg Templates

2. Add glue to your lines.

Try to make the glue lines in one motion. This is so that you do not get pools of glue in your lines.

Trace template with glue

3. Sprinkle on your salt.

Pour the salt over your glue to ensure you coat every line. If you miss any spots the color won’t run over that part.

Add Salt on top of template

I like to keep a separate stash of salt for art activities. So when you’re done you can shake off the remaining salt and store again for another salt craft.

4. Gently shake off the excess salt.

Shake off excess salt

5. Now you can paint your Easter eggs!

We recommend painting right away. If you’re using a watercolor palette, make sure your brush has lots of water on it so that the paint spreads when painting.

Paint Easter Egg Shape

When painting, keep in mind that the paint will run along the salt. So if you don’t want the colors to mix in a certain area, dab the paint and let it spread before adding more.

Paint salt with watercolors

Kids can even paint inside the Easter egg with the watercolors too!

Paint the salt on the Easter template

We love these bright colors for Easter!

You can also use black paper and the Easter eggs will really pop on the black background. You will just need to sketch out your own Easter egg designs.

See how many different Easter egg designs you can make!

Painting Salt Painted Easter Eggs

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Get the Free Printable Easter Egg Templates

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