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Easter Bunny Paper Roll Craft

Have paper rolls saved for crafts? This one is really easy to make! Grab our free printable template and use it to make this Easter bunny paper roll craft! Kids will love making these cute bunnies for Easter.

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Easter Bunny Paper Roll

This paper roll craft for Easter is so cute and easy to make! Use our free printable template to cut the shape out of your paper rolls and then decorate your bunnies however you’d like!

Cut out bunny from paper roll

See two more ways to use paper rolls to make bunnies:

cardboard bunny cutout

Supplies Needed to Make Easter Bunny Paper Rolls

Cut out paper roll bunny

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Cut out paper roll bunnies

How to Make an Easter Bunny Paper Roll

1. Print off our free printable bunny template.

You can get the free template at the bottom of the post.

Cut out the template.

Use tempalte to cut out bunny

2. Use the template to trace with a pencil onto the paper roll.

Leave some space on the bottom of the paper roll for it to make the stand. Approximately 0.5 inch at the bottom all the way around the paper roll.

Watch the video tutorial above to see how it stands and is cut at the back.

Trace template onto paper roll

3. Cut out the bunny shape from the paper roll.

There is only 1 bunny shape in the front of the paper roll. The back is only the bottom part which helps it stand up.

See below or watch the video above.

Cut out bunny paper roll

4. Paint the paper roll white.

You may need a few coats depending on your paint. We used acrylic and did 2 coats of paint.

Paint paper rolls white

5. Use the bunny template ears to cut out the ears from felt.

Kids can also paint or draw on the ears.

Glue felt onto bunny ears

6. Twist 3 pipe cleaners together to make the whiskers.

Glue the whiskers to the paper roll. Hot glue will work best for gluing this on (adult assistance needed).

Kids can also draw on the whiskers with a marker.

Twist pipe cleaner together

7. Glue a small pom pom on for the nose.

Glue pom pom on

8. Draw on the mouth with a black marker.

Add the bunny mouth

9. Glue on two googly eyes.

Glue on googly eyes to bunny

This is the cutest Easter bunny craft for kids! If you find the cutting is too difficult for toddlers or preschoolers, see our toilet paper roll bunny craft.

Put these up for decoration on an Easter table dinner and you could even use them for napkin rings!

Free Printable Bunny Template

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