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Easter Would You Rather Questions

For some Easter family fun that doesn’t require any planning, try these Easter Would You Rather Questions! These 25 questions are a great activity for kids and families to try during Easter dinner. They help engage some interesting conversations around the choices. Grab our free printables too!

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Easter Would You Rather Printable Checklist

Easter Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions are great conversation starters during family gatherings. All you need to do is print off our free printables and have them on hand any time you need a boredom buster during the Easter season. These are also perfect to pass around during Easter dinner!

For more would you rather questions, see our 100+ would you rather questions for kids. Or see the Ultimate Book of Would You Rather Questions – with over 1001 family-friendly challenges.

There are 2 free printables you can get at the bottom of the post.

Easter Would You Rather Printables

These Easter Would You Rather Questions would be fun for an Easter party or even to use at a family Easter meal. Kids love thinking what answer they will choose for each question. It’s fun to talk about why they chose their answer too!

Easter Would You Rather Printable Cards

How to Use These Questions

  • Road trips
  • An Easter party
  • Indoor recess activity
  • Conversation starters
  • Waiting rooms or in the car between activities

Print off the 1 pager and have kids select their response, or print off the individual cards and take turns picking a card to ask the questions.

Free Printable Easter Would You Rather Questions

There are some blank cards included for you to make up your own questions too!

Easter Printable Would You Rather Cards
Would You Rather Cards for Easter

25 Easter Would You Rather Questions

Here are the 25 Questions. Some are silly. Some are more difficult to answer than others. Some will make you laugh.

These questions are made for kids but the whole family will love answering them too.

You can get the free printables down below, or read the questions from this list:

Here are all 25 Easter Would You Rather Questions:

  • Would you rather find 50 small Easter eggs or 1 giant Easter egg?
  • Would you rather go to school dressed up like the Easter bunny or Santa?
  • Would you rather have grass for hair or jelly beans for teeth?
  • Would you rather only eat carrots for snack or only eat candy corn for dessert?
  • Would you rather have a pet bunny or a pet chick?
  • Would you rather celebrate Easter in October or Halloween in April?
  • Would you rather eat spicy Easter eggs or broccoli flavored Peeps?
  • Would you rather hide 100 Easter eggs or paint 100 eggs?
  • Would you rather have bunny ears or a bunny tail?
  • Would you rather receive a giant Peep or a giant Cadbury egg?
  • Would you rather walk backwards everywhere you go or always hop like a bunny?
  • Would you rather be in a room with 10 bunnies or 20 chicks?
  • Would you rather paint Easter eggs or make Valentine’s Day cards?
  • Would you rather every day be Easter or Halloween?
  • Would you rather have an outdoor glow in the dark Easter egg hunt or an indoor scavenger hunt?
  • Would you rather find a quarter in each Easter egg or chocolate eggs?
  • Would you rather have a bunny that talks or a magic Easter basket that refills with chocolate?
  • Would you rather go on an Easter egg hunt or go shopping at the mall?
  • Would you rather meet the Easter bunny or the Tooth fairy?
  • Would you rather have Cadbury mini egg ice cream or Peeps flavored ice cream?
  • Would you rather wear Bunny ears every day for a month or Santa’s hat?
  • Would you rather have store bought or homemade Easter treats?
  • Would you rather spend the day with the Easter bunny or a talking stuffed bunny?
  • Would you rather eat chocolate eggs or jellybeans?
  • Would your rather swim in a pool of chocolate or jump in an Easter egg shaped ball pit?

Enjoy answering these questions for Easter!

For more Would You Rather questions, see our ultimate list of 100+ Would You Rather Questions!

Would You Rather Easter Questions

Note: printables are for personal or school use only.

Get the Free Printable Cards

Get the Free Printable Checklist

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