Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we are switching gears here now and focusing on Easter! I am pretty excited to share some of the Easter crafts I have in store for you guys. In the past I haven’t really done many Easter crafts so this year will be packed full with new stuff! We did make some adorable Cadbury Mini Egg Cupcakes which are a perfect treat for Easter. But today, I’m sharing how to make this super easy and cute paper plate easter bunny.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate

Oh my gosh these little guys are just simply too cute. There’s something about googly eyes that always makes me smile. I seriously love googly eyes. We were able to snag a great Easter craft bundle from the dollar store that included all of the materials to make this Easter paper plate craft.

Easter Craft for Toddlers - Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Here’s what you’ll need to make the paper plate easter bunny: 

Construction Paper

Pom Poms

Pipe Cleaners

Googly Eyes

Small Paper Plates

Tacky Glue or Hot Glue

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Here’s how to make these paper plate easter bunnies!

These are pretty simple to do and are a perfect Easter craft for your toddler to do because of the simplicity! My toddler loved gluing on the eyes, nose and ears.

For the nose: take 3 pipe cleaners and twist them around each other in the center so that they connected/stuck together. The part you twist is the hidden part that will go under the nose (pom pom) and be hidden. This will leave you with the whiskers sticking out on both sides.

Then use your tacky glue and glue to the paper plate. Leave time to let dry as this step will require it to be glued well or the pipe cleaners will fall off. You can also glue with a hot glue gun (which will stay better) but make sure you do this yourself and then let the kids glue on the nose once the hot glue has dried and cooled. Once the pipe cleaners are stuck on, now glue on your nose (pom pom).

For the ears: Really all you need to do is cut out some ears and then cut out a smaller inside ear with a set color you choose. We chose pink and yellow.

For the eyes: We used googly eyes and just glued them on but you could also use construction paper and make the eyes yourself.

For the mouth: We simply just drew on the mouth with a black permanent marker.

That’s it! I hope you have fun making this simple and easy Easter craft for kids!

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