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Wooden Spoon Bunny

For a simple Easter activity for kids, make this Wooden Spoon Bunny Craft! Kids will have fun turning ordinary wooden spoons into these adorable Easter bunnies. The best part of this project is that kids is that you can use them as puppets or story spoons!

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Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny


Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

Turn an old spoon into a cute Easter bunny! You can even paint a carrot or egg wooden spoon to go with your bunny.  We love how each spoon can be unique and you only need a handful of supplies to make them!

Wooden Spoon Bunny Easter Crafts

Kids will love playing with these spoons and displaying them around the house for Easter! You can use them for an Easter puppet show or as story spoons too.


Supplies Needed For Easter Wooden Spoons

  • Wooden Spoons – we used these wooden spoons.
  • Small googly eyes
  • Sharpie
  • Felt– white and then the color you’d like for the inside ear (blue, pink, yellow)
  • Acrylic Paint – we used white.
  • Ribbon 
  • Pipe Cleaners – in the color of your choice
  • Pom Poms – small blue, yellow or pink to match your pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue – using hot glue will help the felt and pipe cleaner stay on better. Adult supervision required.

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Wooden Spoon Bunny Crafts


How To Make Easter Bunny Spoons

1. First, paint all of your spoons white.


2. Cut out the ears from white felt.

Then cut out a smaller piece to glue on top for the inside ear.

Glue Felt Ears Together


3. Twist 3 small pieces of pipe cleaner together to make the whiskers.

Twist Pipe Cleaners to Make Whiskers


4. Glue the pipe cleaners to the spoon.


Glue Whiskers to Spoon


5. Glue a pom pom on top of the pipe cleaner whiskers.


Glue Pom Pom to Spoon


6. Glue googly eyes on to the spoon.

Glue on Googly Eyes



7. Glue the felt ears to the back top of the spoon.

Add a mouth with a black permanent marker.

Add Mouth to Bunny


8. Tie a ribbon bow around the top of the handle.

Add Bow to Bunny Spoons



We know that you will love making these wooden spoon Easter bunny crafts! Use them as puppets for a story or display them in a mason jar for Easter!


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