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25+ Summer Crafts For Kids

We have over 25+ Summer Crafts For Kids you will love! Whether you need an idea for a rainy day or to keep your kids busy this summer, we are sure you will find something from this list! From sensory projects to simple arts and crafts, these are our favorite summer crafts.

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Summer Crafts For Kids

To make it easier to find the summer craft that fits your needs, we have broken them into categories. From sensory activities to arts and crafts these will keep you busy all summer long!

Sensory Crafts

This Rainbow Slime is so colorful and fun to make!

Rainbow Slime Recipe

You can make Fluffy Slime using shaving cream. It has such a fun texture to play with!

Fluffy Slime

Kids will love the crunchy texture of this Floam Slime. The best part is that it only requires 4 ingredients!


Crunchy Slime Floam


Have you ever tried Butter Slime? It doesn’t actually have butter in it, but it has a smooth and fluffy texture that is addicting to play with!

Butter Slime Recipe

This Fairy Slime has tons of chunky glitter in it so that it’s made to look like fairy dust!

For another simple glitter slime recipe, see this pink, purple and blue Glitter Slime.

Glitter Slimes

Finally, playdough is great to have on hand in the summer for when kids get bored. Our playdough recipe is super soft and lasts for months! You won’t want to buy the store-bought kind again!

And you could also try this slow cooker playdough if you want to try making it a different way!

How to Make Playdough

Flower and Butterfly Crafts


These Paper Roll Flowers are easy to make and you can grab the free printable flower template on the post.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower

Or use our free printable template to make this beautiful 3D Paper Flower Craft!

Easy 3D Paper Flowers Craft

Make some Celery Stamped Flowers for a fun indoor activity!


Celery Stamping Flower

These Paper Roll Flowers are a great way to recycle toilet paper rolls. Kids will love making these easy flowers!

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft


You can put those leftover school pictures to good use by making some Pom Pom Flowers! This is also a great gift idea.

Pom Pom Flower Craft


Turn fingerprints into sweet little butterflies with this Fingerprint Mug Painting tutorial!

Fingerprint Butterfly DIY Mugs

Get our free Butterfly Template to make these beautiful 3D butterflies. These would look great on the wall of a bedroom too!

Butterfly Template


Paper Crafts

Use up some old paper scraps to make this Sailboat Craft. It’s a great rainy day activity!

Grab our free ballerina silhouette to make these beautiful coffee filter ballerinas.

Free Ballerina Silhouette Templates


This Flamingo Handprint Craft is so cute and cheerful for a summer craft!

Handprint Flamingo


This Frog Craft is another sweet handprint craft for summer. You can also use our free template to make the 3D flower!


Fish Crafts

Make a Rainbow Fish Craft using black glue and glitter. Preschoolers will love reading the book and then making this fun craft!

Black Glue Rainbow Fish Craft

Turn trash into treasure with this Cereal Box Aquarium! This is a great recycled craft activity for kids.

This Fish Craft For Kids is really simple and you can even turn it into a birthday card!

Fish Craft for Kids Cover


For more fish craft ideas – see 15+ Fish Crafts for Kids.

Summer Activities

For all those pirate lovers out there, make a Pool Noodle Pirate Ship! These would be great for a summer birthday party activity!

Pirate Pool Noodle Boats


This Puffy Sidewalk Paint is so easy to make and kids will love playing with this outside on a summer day!

Sidewalk Paint

Turn rocks into Pet Cactus Rocks with a little bit of paint and googly eyes.

Cactus Pet Rocks

See more pet rock ideas here

Finish the picture in this amazing animal art project.

Turtle with Bottle Craft Idea

This Sun Handprint Craft is the perfect DIY wall art for a kid’s room!

You are my sunshine handprint craft


For more summer craft ideas – see these 12+ Black Glue crafts. From jellyfish to seahorses, these art projects are a must see!

Finally, see our Summer Bucket List with over 100 ideas! Grab a free printable on the post too. 

Summer Treats

Once you’re done making your crafts, take a break with one of these fun summer treats for kids!

Nothing says summer like popsicles! These Fresh Fruit Popsicles are fun for kids to make (and eat)!

Fruit Popsicles


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  1. Teri L wildes

    i see that you had links to things to make the slime. but here is my question,…what can you make out of it after you have made the SLIME?

    1. The Best Ideas for Kids

      Slime is more of sensory play. There are some activities you can do with it but mostly you just make it to play with, like playdough. 🙂

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