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Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

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With Spring now in full swing we have switched gears to focus on bright and colorful Spring activities. These Toilet Paper Roll flowers are perfect to welcome Spring! And we love all the colors and options you can do with these!

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

Which spring flower is your favorite? I have to say I love a good bunch of tulips in a clear jug. It’s such a welcoming way to brighten up your space or room to have fresh flowers. Of course, these aren’t fresh flowers but they are fun, bright and colorful and who doesn’t love that?

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Craft

April showers bring May flowers and we’re getting close to May coming! Trees are starting to bud here and I can see the flowers starting to come through. Before the flowers actually bloom, we hope you give this craft a try with your kids! They will love putting these beautiful toilet paper roll flowers on display!

Toilet Paper Roll Kids Craft Flowers

Now let’s get into how you create this fun craft!

Here are the materials you’ll need to make these Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Materials Needed to Make Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Steps to Make the Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

1. Paint the toilet paper rolls using green paint. Allow rolls to dry.

2. Cut out your leaves, approximately 4” long using green construction paper. And cut out a smaller center using a lighter green paper. Put some glue on the small leaves and sprinkle with glitter. Glue these smaller leaves onto the larger ones.

3. Glue the leaves to the front of the toilet paper rolls.

4. Using different colored paper, cut out different flower shapes like tulips and daisies.  If you have flower cookie cutters you can trace with those or you can print off flower templates and trace around those. You can also freehand like we did!

5. Glue little pom poms onto the daisy shaped flowers.

6. Cut a half inch slit on each side of the toilet paper roll to slide the flower into.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Kids Craft Fun Kids Craft Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

And that’s it! Aren’t they so cute?

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