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Flamingo Handprint

This pink flamingo handprint craft is perfect to make for a rainy day. We love how colorful it is and the added craft details of the feathers and pipe cleaners bring it to life! Make this for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day or as a fun summer craft.

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Flamingo Handprint

Flamingo Handprint Craft

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Handprint Flamingo

Kids will love putting together these adorable pink flamingos. You only need a few supplies and it’s actually a lot easier to do than it looks!

Supplies Needed

  • Pink glitter paper (optional – this is for the heart above the flamingo heads, you can also use regular pink cardstock or construction paper here)
Flamingo Craft Idea

Watch the Video Tutorial

Steps to Make A Flamingo Handprint Craft

1. First you will want to cut a strip of paper to make the water on top of your 12×12 white cardstock paper.

Then glue this down.

Next trace and cut out your handprints on the pink cardstock and glue this on top of the blue paper. Leave a little bit of space at the top with no glue where the flamingo’s neck will go.

Handprints for Flamingo Craft

2. Now measure the size you’ll want to make for the flamingo’s neck and head.

Draw this on your pink cardstock. Fold the cardstock over so when you cut you’ll get two necks/heads that are the same size.

Flamingo Craft for Kids

3.  Glue the flamingo neck and head down by tucking under the handprints.

Then cut out two beaks from your white paper and glue down. Add a black tip on top with some black cardstock or construction paper.

Then glue on two small googly eyes.

Don’t these flamingos look so cute already?

Flamingo Craft

4. Now to add your feathers and pipe cleaners!

For the feathers, simply glue these on top of the handprint.

For the pipe cleaner legs, we recommend using this glue to glue these down since it’s much stronger and pipe cleaners can be tricky to glue. You can also use hot glue (with adult assistance).

Simply glue and then let it dry for a few minutes before touching or moving the paper.

Make Flamingo Handprint

5. Finally, add some green plants to your water by taking a strip of paper and cutting small slits in it.

Once you have the paper cut roll it up and glue down to your paper.

Make a Flamingo Handprint Craft

For a final touch, cut out a small heart from glitter paper and add to the top of the paper above the flamingo heads.

Do you see the heart the flamingo heads make?

Flamingo Craft

We love how these flamingos turned out! You can also save this idea for Mother’s Day since Mom would love to get a pair of cute handprint flamingos!

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