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Mini Egg Easter Craft

Have you ever purchased little foam Easter eggs and then didn’t know what to make with them? Here’s an easy Easter craft using foam Easter eggs. You can typically find these at the Dollar store!

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Craft with Foam Mini Eggs

This mini egg Easter craft is a perfect craft for fine motor practice too. Kids can glue them in place and they are typically small and light to work with.

Mini Foam Easter Egg Craft

You can also frame this and add it to your Easter décor. It would also look fun hung on a bulletin board if kids used different colors to make them!

Mini Foam Egg Easter Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Mini Foam Easter Eggs– you can find them at the dollar store, or on Amazon here
  • Glue Dots or Hot Glue (with adult assistance) – for younger kids, glue dots work great for these as they can easily stick them on to stick the foam eggs on.
  • Easter egg template – print off our large blank template here
Mini Egg Easter Craft Supplies

How to Make the Mini Egg Easter Craft

1. Print off the Easter egg template.

Print off an Easter egg template to use as a guide or you can draw your own. We have different sizes to choose from here, but the largest one will work the best.

If you don’t want the printed marks showing through, print off the easter egg template on a piece of paper instead. Then cut it out and trace it lightly onto your cardstock with a pencil.

Print off Easter Egg Template

2.  Glue on the foam Easter eggs.

Start to glue on the foam eggs. Smaller kids can use adhesive dots or hot glue will work best (with adult assistance) Start at the top and work your way down.

Start to glue mini eggs on

3. Continue gluing the eggs.

You can make a pattern with the colors or you can switch up the colors on each row. Or you can even do a pattern on the rows with different colors. Kids will love making their own design!

Easter Egg craft with foam eggs

This is a fun Easter activity and a great one to do with the kids!

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