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Cardboard Robot Craft

Create adorable cardboard robots using robot cut-outs, cardboard and clothespins. Kids can bring their own robots to life and decorate them however they’d like! They can even pretend to make the robots walk with the clothespin legs.

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Robot Craft for Kids

Mix and match robot pieces to create your own cardboard robots! Choose from different nuts, bolts and buttons to bring your robots to life! Then, add clothespins for arms and legs!

Robot Craft for Preschool

My book – Cut & Color Crafts for Kids: 35 Super Cool Activities That Bring Recycled Materials to Life is bursting with easy crafts and activities like this one. You get all of the templates in the back of the book. You just need to cut, color and create with everyday objects that you have at home!

Cut & Color Crafts for Kids Book

Supplies To Make a Cardboard Robot

Robot cut-outs (from the book Cut & Color Crafts for Kids)


Coloring supplies, such as markers, paints, colored pencils or crayons

Cardboard (from a shipping box)

Acrylic paint


Hot glue gun and hot-melt glue sticks (adult assistance needed)

4 mini clothespins per robot

Craft glue

Robot Craft for Preschooler

Watch the Video Tutorial Here

Directions to Make a Cardboard Robot

Cut & Color Crafts for Kids Robot Craft

1. Cut out and color the robot cut-outs from Cut & Color Crafts for Kids. These sample robots were colored with markers.

Cut out robot templates

Color Robot Templates

2. Cut out different shapes from the cardboard, such as rectangles, squares and semicircles. You’ll need one shape for each robot head and one for each body. Each shape should be approximately 3 inches (8 cm) wide.

Cut out Cardboard Shapes

3. Paint the cardboard shapes different colors. Allow the paint to dry. Paint the clothespins to match your robots.

For each robot, hot glue the cardboard head piece onto the cardboard body.

Paint Cardboard Shapes

4. Decorate your robots with the robot cut-outs you colored! Use craft glue to glue on the eyes and choose a mouth for each robot. Then, glue the buttons, bolts and switches on.

Glue on Paper Robot Shapes
Add Clothespin to Robot

5. Add the clothespins to make legs and arms.

Add Clothespins to Robots

Kids can mix and match the pieces to create any variation of robots they’d like! I love that every robot can turn out unique!

Cardboard Robot Craft

If you’d rather create robots using a craft kit – see our robot craft kit instead!

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