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Craft Kits for Kids

Introducing a line of craft kits by The Best Ideas for Kids!

Craft Kits by The Best Ideas for Kids

Keeping kids entertained indoors this winter is easier with this new line of craft kits from The Best Ideas for Kids®.

Create colorful suncatchers, cute and friendly cactus rocks, handprint keepsakes, 3D coloring art pages and more! This selection of creative craft kits are as fun to make as they are to play with!

You can purchase 6 of the kits from Amazon and right now! ships internationally! Amazon is US only right now.


Easy Craft Kits for Kids

A total of SIX kits are available right now. All kits come with an instruction booklet. 

Suncatchers Kit

Amazon |

Create 6 colorful suncatchers for your window with some tissue paper, cardstock shapes and adhesive paper. Adhesive dots included to stick to your windows!

Suncatcher Kit for Kids

Paper Roll Bugs Kit

Amazon |

Make 5 cute paper roll bugs with cardstock shapes, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms and more! The paper rolls come with a strip of adhesive so that you can easily put the paper rolls together. Adhesive dots and glue included to put all of the 5 bugs together.

Paper Roll Bug Kit for Kids

Clothespin Robots Kit

Amazon |

Create your own robots with this clothespin robot kit! These robots will stand up too! Kids can mix and match the stickers, cardstock shapes and googly eyes to make a variety of robot designs.

Robot Craft Kit for Kids


Cactus Rock Painting Kit

Amazon |

Make 3 pet cactus rocks with this cactus rock painting kit. The kit includes 3 rocks, 3 faux terra cotta pots, non-toxic paint and googly eyes.

Rock Cactus Craft Kit for Kids


Handprint Craft Kit

Amazon | 

This handprint card kit makes 6 adorable characters – a fox, flamingo, butterfly, penguin and 2 owls. Cardstock pieces are included so you can easily put them together! You just need some scissors and a pencil to make them!

Handprint Craft Kit for Kids

Handprint Card Kit

Amazon | 

This handprint card kit makes it easy to create keepsake cards throughout the year. Choose from 8 different designs – a birthday cake, cactus pot, hot air balloon, strawberry, fish, flower, Father’s Day, and bee handprint card. All cards come with either stickers or cardstock pieces to easily make the designs.

Handprint Card Kit for Kids


Coloring Pages Kit – currently unavailable. 

This coloring page kit comes with so many pieces – over 130 pieces to make 16 pages! The unique part of this kit is that a lot of the pages create 3D designs – from a 3D hot air balloon, cactus, peacock and more!

Color Pages Kit for Kids


Colorable Road Map Kit – currently unavailable. 

Kids can create their own 3D road map on the floor! This kit includes coloring road map kids can color, along with a 3D paper train, bus, car, van, school house and 2 trees. Kids can then pretend to drive the cars and train around their new road map!


Coloring Road Map Kit for Kids

Aquarium Craft Kit – currently unavailable. 

Make your own aquarium in a box! The box that comes with the supplies turns into the aquarium. Add pipe cleaners, sea shells and your fish to finish the aquarium.

Aquarium Craft Kit for Kids

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