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Paper Plate Snail Craft

You can craft at a snail’s pace to make this scrap paper plate snail. Grab all those extra scraps of paper and make small squares to use in this simple snail craft. Making a snail’s head has never been easier – and with our new book you can grab the template to make it too!

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Paper Plate Snail Craft

Paper Plate Snail Craft

Our bookFun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials is bursting with scrap paper crafts like this one. We have a whole section of newspaper and scrap paper crafts. But not only that, there are other recycled crafts for kids too – paper rolls, egg cartons, cardboard, popsicle sticks, jars and more!

Fun and Easy Crafting Book

Watch the full tutorial video here!


aper Plate Snail Craft for Kids

Supplies to Make a Paper Plate Snail Craft

– Scrap paper in different colors

– Scissors

– Small paper plate

– Glue

– Pencil

– Cardstock or construction paper

– Googly eyes

– Black marker

Snail Template  – available in our book. Order the book HERE.

Steps to Make These Scrap Paper Plate Snails

1. Gather your scrap paper colors you want to use for the snail. I like to keep scrap paper organized by color. That way you can easily find the color you need and re-use leftover paper from previous projects.

Scrap Paper Snail Craft

2. Cut the scrap paper into small, square pieces. You could also have kids tear the paper into small pieces.

Cut up Scrap Paper for Snail

3. Glue the square pieces to the paper plate starting at the edge and work your way around in a spiral pattern. Leave a space at the beginning for where the snail’s head will go. You can make a pattern with your colors or mix them up! You can even make a rainbow pattern or do all one color.

Glue Paper to Paper Plate Snail
4. To make the snail’s head, trace the template from our book on yellow cardstock and cut it out.

Note: To get the snail template, this template is available in our book. Order the book HERE.

Trace Snail Template for Snail Craft

5. Glue 2 googly eyes to the tentacles of the snail. Draw a smiley face with the black marker.

Add Googly Eyes to Paper Plate Snail Craft

6. Glue the snail’s head to the back of the paper plate.

We love how easy these snails are to make! Can you make other recycled snails? Try other materials for the shell, like some rolled-up newspaper!

And don’t forget to see our NEW book which features this fun paper plate snail! 

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