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15+ Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids

We are loving all things penguins this Winter. If you haven’t seen our handprint penguins yet you must make them before the Winter is over! And to finish off our penguin craft theme this Winter, here is a showcase of over 15 of our favorite penguin crafts for kids. You can incorporate these into a penguin theme for toddlers or preschoolers or simply make one of them for fun!

Penguin Crafts for Kids

Penguin Crafts for Kids

Here are some adorable Penguin Crafts from The Best Ideas for Kids:

Penguin Crafts for Toddlers

1. Penguin Handprint

2. Popsicle Stick Penguin

3. Penguin Bookmarks

And here is a selection of cute penguin arts and crafts from some other websites we love:

Paper Penguin Crafts

Paper Penguins

If you’re looking to make paper penguins, these are some fun and easy paper penguins!

1. Pop-up Penguin

2. Paper Plate Yarn Penguin

3. Paper Roll Penguin 

Penguin Activities

For some fine motor activities, the cotton balls in the water bottle penguin and cotton ball penguin are great for preschoolers and toddlers! These penguin crafts can also double as activities. Even the egg carton penguin can be added to a winter sensory table.

1. Water Bottle Penguins

2. Cotton Ball Penguins

3. Egg Carton Penguin 

Penguin Paper Craft

Cupcake liners, hearts and newspaper – turn objects into penguins! We love these 3 ideas.

1. Heart Penguin

2. Cupcake Liner Penguins

3. Newspaper Penguin 

Penguin Craft Ideas

If you’re looking for a penguin keepsake idea, the first two ideas would make great gifts! Turn footprint penguins into cards and make pinecone penguins for hanging as decoration.

1. Footprint Penguins

2. Pinecone Penguins

3. Rocking Paper Penguins

And if you want to get feet a little messy, see these Winter penguin footprints.

Penguin Footprint

We hope you enjoyed our list of favorite penguin crafts.

Winter Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers

If you love handprint crafts, be sure to see how to make this adorable handprint penguin scene.

Penguin Handprint

And if you have a lot of extra popsicle sticks lying around, make this fun popsicle stick penguin. Kids will love making and playing with it!

Popsicle Stick Penguin

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