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Popsicle Stick Penguin Bookmark

Once the excitement of the holidays are over and it’s cold and dreary outside, your kids might need a craft to beat those boredom blues. We love how easy this popsicle stick penguin bookmark is to make. It is such a fun winter craft for kids of all ages to create and enjoy all winter long!

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Penguin Bookmark Craft for Kids

Penguin Bookmark

Popsicle stick crafts are a favorite around here because the options are endless! There are so many fun and easy things you can make using popsicle sticks and these sweet little penguin bookmarks are no different. They only require a handful of supplies and some imagination!

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Penguin Bookmark


Supplies Needed to Make a Popsicle Stick Penguin Bookmark

Supplies for Penguin Bookmark

Directions to Make a Popsicle Stick Penguin Bookmark

1. Using the sharpie, draw some curved lines where you want the wings to be and a straight line about an inch from the bottom to indicate where the feet will go. Also, draw a heart shape for the face.

Trace Penguin on Craft Stick

2. Next, carefully paint the popsicle stick black, leaving the face shape, chest and feet portions unpainted.

Paint Penguin Bookmark

3. Paint inside the chest and the face area with white paint.

After the paint has dried, you can use a sharpie to outline the shapes that you painted to clean up any messy edges.

Pengiun Craft Bookmark for Kids

4. Draw 2 eyes on the face with a sharpie and glue a tiny yellow triangle on the face for the beak.

Draw on Penguin Eyes

5. Cut the feet out of yellow felt and glue them to bottom of the penguin.

Cut out Penguin Feet

6. Lastly, cut 2 strips of blue felt and glue them onto the neck of the penguin for the scarf. If desired, you can fringe the edges to give it some more detail.

DIY Penguin Bookmarks

And your penguins are ready to be the perfect winter bookmark! Your kids will have a blast making these on a cold winter day. Grab your supplies and some cups of hot cocoa and have fun crafting!

DIY Bookmark Penguin

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Penguin Handprint

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