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Handprint Cardinal

This handprint cardinal craft is the perfect winter craft for kids! The best part is that it’s a low-mess craft made with paper and felt. Your kids will love making their own handprint cardinal and birch tree winter scene! And you’ll get to treasure this craft as a keepsake for many years too!

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Handprint Cardinal Craft

We love that this handprint cardinal craft is easy to make with paper or felt. If you want to make a painted version, see our painted cardinal handprint tutorial.

Don’t forget to put the date on the back so you can remember the age of your kids when they made them.

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Handprint Cardinal Kids Craft

Handprint Cardinal Supplies Needed

  • Scissors
  • Extra strong gluetacky glue is great for gluing on pom poms and felt. Or you can use hot glue (with adult assistance).

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Handprint Cardinal Craft

1. First cut out strips of white cardstock to make the birch trees.

Cut small slits in the sides. Do these randomly to give it a more natural effect.

Cut Paper Birch Trees

2. Cut out a smaller piece for the branch and tuck it underneath the one trunk and then glue it down.

Glue on a Birch Tree Branch

3. Cut the handprint out from red felt and glue on top of the branch.

We used tacky glue for gluing on pom poms and felt.

Cut and Glue Handprint Cardinal

4. Glue on the feathers to the top of the handprint.

Then cut out a small foam black piece for the face. Glue on a a beak and googly eye on top.

Glue on Handprint Cardinal Eyes

5. Add foam snowflake stickers and white pom poms for decoration.

Cardinal Handprint

Then you are done your handprint cardinal!

We love how simple this is to make. And it makes a beautiful winter art scene you can place up on the walls to admire!

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