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Fork Painted Wreath

If you are looking for a fun Christmas activity, try this fork painted wreath! It’s fun for kids to use a fork instead of a paintbrush! The fork also makes a really pretty painted effect.

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Fork Painted Wreath Craft for Kids

Fork Painted Wreath Craft

We love that this wreath craft only requires a few materials to make.

You only need paint, white cardstock, a fork and some pom poms. Even toddlers can help use a fork to make their own wreath!

Fork Painted Wreath Craft

You can cut out your wreath and hang it on a door or you can add a holiday message to it and put it up to display.

To make a paper wreath, see how to make our handprint wreath.

Supplies to Make a Fork Painted Wreath

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Fork Painted Wreath

1. Start by tracing a small paper plate with a pencil on the white cardstock.

You can also use a bowl or other circle-shaped object on your paper to create a template. This will make it easier to go around in a circle to make the wreath.

Trace around paper plate
Circle Shape for Wreath

2. Dip a plastic fork in green paint.

Dip Fork into Paint

3. Start to stamp the fork around the circle shape you made.

Stamp Fork onto Paper

Stamp with the bottom of the fork slightly below the circle to cover the pencil marks with paint.

Continue Stamping Fork
Stamp All the Way Around

4. Continue painting with the fork to make the wreath shape.

Keep repeating this process, overlapping the fork marks to fill in any gaps as needed.

Continue All the Way Around Wreath

5. Allow the paint to dry, then glue on pom poms.

Glue Pom Poms onto Wreath

6. Make a bow with the red ribbon and glue to the bottom of the wreath.

Add Red Ribbon

Kids can also paint on ornaments instead of gluing on pom poms. They can use fingerprints or paper to decorate the wreath.

8. Cut out the wreath to hang it up or add a holiday message to it.

Wreath Painted with Fork

We love how easy this is for kids to make!

If you loved painting with a fork, see how to make fork painted Christmas tree cards!

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