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Pistachio Poinsettia

If you are looking for an easy handmade ornament idea, make a Pistachio Poinsettia ornament. These ornaments are easy enough for kids to make, yet beautiful enough to give as a gift or added as gift tags. 

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Pistachio Poinsettia Ornaments

We love that this ornament uses recycled pistachio shells. Kids can practice fine motor skills while also painting and creating this ornament. And if you love recycled crafts – see my 2 recycled crafts for kids books!

For another fun ornament idea, see our salt dough ornament recipe!

poinsettia ornament

Supplies Needed For Pistachio Poinsettia Ornaments

  • Pistachio Shells (each ornament will need about 17 shells)
  • Acrylic Paint (red and green)
  • Yellow Button
  • Cardboard (cut into circles)
  • Baker’s Twine or String
  • Toothpicks
  • Hole Punch
  • Hot Glue – adult supervision required. You can also use tacky glue, just make sure to allow enough time for the shells to dry before moving the ornament.

pistachio poinsettia ornament craft

Watch The Video Tutorial Here

How To Make Pistachio Poinsettia Ornaments

1. Paint the pistachio shells.

Paint Pistachio Shells

To make painting the shells easier, you can use a toothpick to hold the shells in place.

Paint 12 shells red for each ornament.

Paint 5 shells green.

Use toothpick to paint shells

2. Cut circles out of the cardboard and punch a hole in the top.

Cut out Cardboard Circles

3. Once the shells are dry, glue them onto the cardboard circle using hot glue.

Glue 6 red shells in a circle, with the larger part of the shell pointing inwards.

Glue 6 shells on

Add 6 more shells around the circle in the open areas.

Glue 6 more pistachio shells on

Glue 4-5 green shells around the outside to form leaves.

Glue on Green Shells

4. Glue a yellow button in the center of the shells.

Glue a Yellow Button On

5. Thread string through the hole and tie at the top.

Add String to Ornament

These pistachio poinsettia ornaments turn out so pretty! They would make pretty ornaments or you can add them to a gift as a gift tag.

Pistachio Poinsettia Ornament

If you love recycled crafts, see my recycled crafts for kids books!

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