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Chalk Pastel Ornaments

For a fun holiday art activity, make these chalk pastel ornaments! Kids will love the process of blending the chalk with their fingers. And each artwork will turn out unique!

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Chalk Pastel Ornament Art

Grab the free printable at the bottom of the post. There are 5 different ornament shapes to choose from.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to make these colorful chalk pastel ornaments!

Put the finished artwork in a frame to display or use one ornament to make a card. You could even make chalk ornaments on smaller pieces of paper and turn them into custom gift tags and write names inside.

chalk ornament art

Kids can get creative by experimenting with different colors of chalk and paper. Use our free printable templates or draw your own ornament shapes.

You can even add designs inside the ornaments with a paint pen or chalk.

chalk pastel ornament art

Supplies Needed to Make Chalk Pastel Ornaments

All you need are a few supplies including black paper, chalk pastels and our free printable template to create this beautiful chalk pastel art.

Watch the Video Tutorial Here

chalk ornaments

Steps to Make Chalk Pastel Ornaments

1. Print the ornament templates on white cardstock and cut them out.

You can get the free printable ornament templates at the bottom of the post.

Print and Cut out Ornaments

2. Put small pieces of painter’s tape on the back of the ornaments.

The tape helps the ornament templates not to move when kids are using the chalk. You can also have them hold them in place.

Add Tape to Back of Ornaments

Place the the ornaments on the black paper in various heights.

Tape Ornaments to Black Paper

3. With a silver acrylic paint pen, draw a line from the top of the paper to each ornament.

You can also use chalk to dry a line, but do this step last as the chalk might smudge during the next step.

Use a ruler to draw the line with the paint pen.

Draw a Line for Ornament

4. Trace around each ornament with a chalk pastel.

Trace around ornaments

Draw short lines coming out of each ornament.

Draw Lines out from Ornaments

5. Use your finger to blend and smudge the chalk.

Smudge Tips

  • Clean your finger each time you switch to a new color of chalk.
  • Have a damp paper towel or baby wipe nearby for quick and easy clean-up.
Smudge Chalk Pastel Out

6. Remove the ornament templates and tape.

Remove Ornament Templates
Remove templates from art

Kids can have fun experimenting with different colors of chalk and ornament shapes. You can even use more than one color of chalk and blend them together!

Chalk Pastel Christmas Art

Get the Printable Ornament Templates Here

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  1. Hi, when I click on the link for the chalk pastels it takes me to the acrylic pens link. Could you fix so I can see the chalk pastels? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Updated! Any brand should be fine but I’ve linked to the brand we used. This brand also comes in a 24 pack which is cheaper.

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