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Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for an indoor Valentine’s day activity – this Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a lot of fun for kids! You can give a final Valentine prize at the end or do candy or non-candy treats with each clue. Grab the free printable scavenger hunt clue cards at the bottom of the post!

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Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Your kids will love doing this scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day! No printer? You can still write out the clues on your own on paper! Add some stickers or drawings to them yourself.

The clue cards print out on 2 pages. There are 12 clues in total.

Each card has a number on it so you know what order to place them in, but you can also change the order if you’d like.

The only cards that matter are the first and last clues. The rest you can mix up if you want to!

You can also add extra ones before the final clue if you want to make it longer.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards


All of these clues are indoor locations. They are also easy for kids to do (they might need a little help depending on the age).
Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Clue Card
We left the clues open enough that you can make some of them harder if you’d like. For example, the clue card below you can put inside your snack drawer or cupboard. If you want to make it harder for older kids, hide it inside a snack box.
At each clue card you can put a small prize with the card and still do a prize at the end. Or you can just do a final prize at the end. Either way, kids will love doing this scavenger hunt!

Valentine's Day Printable Scavenger Hunt



How to Set-Up the Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

First print off the clue cards (the link to the cards is below)

1. Hide the 2nd clue first by their shoes.

2. For the next clue, if you do not have a jacket you can use a sweater instead.

3. For Clue #10, put this on a chair near the remote. If you don’t have a chair you can place this card in your dining room.

4. Continue to hide all of the clue cards based on the previous clue hints until you are left with the last one.

5. For the last prize, hide it inside a closet.

6. If you want to make the scavenger hunt longer, you can add extra cards of your own before the last clue.

7. When you’re ready to start the hunt, hand the first clue to your kids.


Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards

Grab Your FREE Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards Here!


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2 comments on “Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Thank you so much for valentine scavenger hunt cards. My boys loved running around the house looking for the next card and my son who is a first grader had some good practice reading them to his younger brothers. It was much appreciated !!

  2. Love the Holiday Bingo and Scavenger Hunts. Live in WI and have grandkids in CA. Great way to connect
    with them by face time and are able to join them in the fun. Thank you!!

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