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Valentine’s Day Would You Rather

If you need a fun and easy Valentine’s Day activity, try these Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions! These 25 questions are fun and silly to ask friends, classmates and family members. We have 2 free printables for you too!

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Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions

There are 2 free printables for you to choose from. A printable checklist or cards.

The cards would be fun to bring along on a Valentine’s Day dinner. The checklist would be fun for people to fill out during a Valentine’s Day party or at school. Print off the questions and have fun answering the questions!

Kids love thinking about their answers for each question and finding out what their friends and family will say too!

Printable Valentine Would You Rather Questions

There are 2 free printables you can get at the bottom of the post.

Use these silly questions at a classroom Valentine’s Day party, indoor recess activity or even a long car ride. Or, simply print these off to pull out anytime you need a quick activity during the month of February!

Would You Rather Valentine Cards

For more fun Would you Rather Questions, see our full list of 100+ Would You Rather Questions for Kids!

How To Use These Questions

  • A classroom party at school
  • Indoor recess activity
  • Valentine’s Day dinner
  • Valentine’s Day party game

Print off the 1 pager and have kids select their response, or print off the individual cards and take turns picking a card to ask the questions.

Valentines Day Would You Rather Printable
Printable Would You Rather Valentine Questions
Printable Valentine Would You Rather Cards

25 Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions

Here are the 25 Questions. Some are silly. Some are more difficult to answer than others. Some will make you laugh.

All of these questions are made for kids but adults will have fun answering them too! Keep the kids busy during February day with these fun Valentine’s Day questions.

You can get the free printables down below, or read the questions from this list:

Here are all 25 questions:

  1. Would you rather have candy hearts for teeth or Hershey’s Kisses for a nose?
  2. Would you rather spend the day with Cupid or the Tooth Fairy?
  3. Would you rather never eat chocolate again or never eat candy again?
  4. Would you rather celebrate Valentine’s Day in the spring or Halloween in the summer?
  5. Would you rather act in a romantic movie or be the singer of a famous love song?
  6. Would you rather have purple hair or pink eyelashes?
  7. Would you rather have Cupid’s wings or the Easter bunny’s tail?
  8. Would you rather have a love bug or a talking teddy bear as a pet?
  9. Would you rather only be able to wear red or pink the rest of your life?
  10. Would you rather have a swimming pool of red Kool-Aid or your own giant chocolate fountain?
  11. Would you rather sing a love song over the intercom at school or say “I love you” to every person you see for the day?
  12. Would you rather eat spicy chocolate or candies that taste like broccoli?
  13. Would you rather give a Valentine to every person in your school or decorate your whole school for Valentine’s day?
  14. Would you rather receive a bouquet of brown roses or a treat box full of vegetables?
  15. Would you rather attend a Valentine dance in 1950 or 2050?
  16. Would you rather listen to love songs all day or watch romantic movies all day?
  17. Would you rather eat 1 super sour candy or a chocolate dipped brussels sprout?
  18. Would you rather dress up in a Halloween costume on Valentine’s Day or give out Valentines on Halloween?
  19. Would you rather say “I love you” after every sentence or only be able to whisper when talking?
  20. Would you rather go to a restaurant for Valentine’s day or stay home and have your favorite home cooked meal?
  21. Would you rather make 100 homemade cards or receive 100 valentines?
  22. Would you rather spend Valentine’s day in an ice castle or go to the fair?
  23. Would you rather miss Valentine’s day or miss a day of school?
  24. Would you rather go to the Eiffel tower in Paris or ride a gondola in Venice?
  25. Would you rather meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse or The Beauty & the Beast?

Have fun with this game on Valentine’s Day!

Would You Rather Valentine Printables

Note: printables are for personal or school use only.

Get the Free Printable Cards

Get the Free Printable Checklist

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