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Menorah Craft

Make this 3D menorah craft for Hanukkah this year. Kids can make this 3D menorah on its own or turn it into a pop-up card! Kids can also “light” a candle each night during Hanukkah on this craft!

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Pop-up Menorah Craft

This pop-up menorah card is a fun project for kids to make for Hanukkah. Give it to a friend, family or put it on display at home!

Also see our Hanukkah coloring pages which you can also turn into cards! Kids can color them, then cut out any of the pages to create cards.

Kids can make this card to give to someone or fill the menorah each night with a newly lit candle by adding the flame each night.

Menorah Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed to Make the Card

Homemade Hanukkah Card

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make a 3D Menorah Card

1. Start by printing off the free printable card template.

You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

2. Trace the template to cut out the menorah in yellow cardstock and the candles in light blue cardstock.

Cut out Candles

3. Glue the candles to the menorah base.

Glue Candles to Menorah Base

4. Cut out the flames from yellow cardstock.

Glue the yellow flame to the top of the candles.

Glue Candle Flame On

5. Make smaller pieces for the inside of the flames with orange cardstock and glue to the yellow flame.

You can draw these pieces first or just cut out the shape. Kids can also draw these on with an orange marker. The inside piece does not have to be perfect or matching across all candles.

Glue Orange to Flame

6. Add candlestick holders to the menorah base with a black marker.

Add Black Marker to Menorah Base

7. Fold over a piece of dark blue cardstock.

Use the pop-up card template as a guide and cut the folded dark blue cardstock where shown.

Make Pop-up Card

8. Open up the dark blue card and fold along the lines where shown on the template on the cardstock.

Fold Card into Pop-up

9. Glue the menorah to the card pop-up piece.

Glue Menorah to Card

10. Write Happy Hanukkah on the card or another message you’d like to add.

DIY Menorah Hanukkah Card

This card is a fun 3D craft to make for Hanukkah!

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