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Grinch Card

This cute Grinch card is so easy to make! This grinch hand holding an ornament template can be turned into a shaker card (with sequins that shake inside) or you can even just leave it plain and have kids draw or add their picture into the Christmas ornament.

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Grinch Card Idea

Free Printable Grinch Card Template

This homemade Grinch card is really easy to make with our free printable template!

If you’re looking for a grinch hand holding an ornament template – then this is the cutest one to use!

You can get the card template at the bottom of this post by subscribing to our free newsletter. Make sure you sign up on the form with the preview of the template.

Kids can paint or color the card themselves. You can turn it into a shaker card or leave it plain and just add a photo to the Christmas bulb.

Grinch Card Homemade

Watch the Video Tutorial

Supplies Needed to Make a Grinch Card

  • White cardstock (the thicker you can find, the better for a card – we like over 100 lb paper)
  • Red and Bright Green paint this paint set has both colors we used (you want the one with the Lime tree color)
  • Photo
  • Grinch Card Template – you can get the template emailed to you as a free gift by signing up to our newsletter (make sure to sign up on the form with the preview of the grinch card template)
Grinch Card Template

Steps to Make a DIY Grinch Card

1. Print off the template on white cardstock.

The thicker the better, we like over 100lb paper and cut out the area for the ornament.

You can get the free printable template at the bottom of the post (make sure to sign up on the form with the preview of the grinch card template).

Printing tips: You’ll want to make sure when printing you fit to size for your printer settings and that the template is centered on the right side of the paper (when printed and holding upright). Every printer and printer setting is different so you may need to adjust the size of the template when printing. There should be a setting called “scale” where you can adjust it to 80% or 90% of size or you can check the box for “fit to page”.

Bend the paper slightly to make a cut mark and then you can cut around the inside of the template. Leave the black outline so that the outline of the bulb will remain.

Grinch Card Template

2. Paint or color the front of the card. Paint the Grinch hand green and the arm red.

Paint Grinch Card

3. Glue or tape the transparent plastic sheet to the inside of the card.

You can use double-sided tape to make it flat against the cardstock.

Add Clear Paper to Grinch Card

4. Add dual adhesive foam mounts around the edge of the bulb on the inside of the card.

Set them a bit back from the bulb opening so that you do not see the mounts on the front of the card.

Then add small silver sequins inside the bulb area.

Add Sequins to Grinch Card

5. Add the picture onto the back to keep the sequins in place.

The picture should stick onto the adhesive mounts.

Add Photo to Grinch Card

7. Write a special Christmas message inside.

You can even add “Merry Grinchmas” inside.

Grinch Card Message

8. Glue a ribbon to the front.

Grinch Shaker Card

9. Shake the front to see the silver sequins move around.

How adorable are these Grinch cards? I love that you can add “Merry Grinchmas” inside too! Add your favorite little Who inside this cute Grinch card for Christmas!

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Grinch Card Template

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Grinch Card Template Image

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    1. Hi – there is a form at the bottom with a preview of the template, just put your email in there and it will be sent to you.

  1. I made those Grinch Christmas cards last Christmas for all my family on my Christmas list. They turned out so cute.

  2. Shelby London

    Love this template and will use this for my parents of the children in my class.

  3. I love this card idea. It’s so easy and cute. The ‘Merry Grinchmas’ for the inside of the card is a good idea and so funny. It would be lovely to send to Grandparents or Godparents. Thank you for the template. The card could be decorated so many different ways. Merry Christmas from Ireland. xxx

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