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Easter Clothespin Crafts

These 3 adorable Easter Clothespin Crafts are fun and easy to make! You only need paper, clothespins, paint and some other simple supplies to make them!

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Easter Clothespin Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun Easter craft – this is an easy one to make with kids! Choose between the sheep, chick or upside down bunny.

Kids will love making these Easter clothespin crafts. And they will also enjoy playing with them after as all 3 characters can stand up!

Clothespin Easter Crafts

Here are the Supplies You’ll Need to Make These Easter Clothespin Crafts

For all crafts: 

– Regular clothespins

– Acrylic Paint – black, orange and white

– Extra strong glue – we like this one which is non-toxic and works really well for pom poms.


Easter Chick

Yellow and Orange Cardstock

Small Googly Eyes

– Yellow feathers


Easter Bunny

White and Pink Cardstock

Small Pink Pom Pom

– Large Pink Pom Pom

– Pink pipe cleaners

Small Googly Eyes

Black Sharpie



Black Cardstock

Cotton Balls

Small Googly Eyes

Templates – you can get the templates at the bottom of the post on the form with the preview of the template


Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Steps to Make Clothespin Easter Crafts

1. Start by painting the clothespins. Paint 2 black, 2 white and 2 orange.

Easter Chick

Clothespin Chick Craft

2. Cut out the templates.

Free Printable Easter Clothespins

3. Trace around colored cardstock for each template. Trace around yellow for the chick body and orange for the feet.

4. Glue the chick arms to the side of the body. Glue a feather to each arm and one behind the body at the top of the head.

Glue Feathers to Chick

5. Glue the feet to the clothespins on the side of the clothespin that doesn’t open up.

Add 2 googly eyes. Cut out a beak from orange cardstock and glue to the face. To make a beak, fold over a piece of orange cardstock and cut out a triangle shape.

Glue Googly Eyes to Chick

6. Add the clothespins to the body.


Sheep Clothespin Craft for Kids

1. Trace around black cardstock for the sheep head and white cardstock for the body.

2. Glue cotton balls onto the white cardstock body.

Glue Cotton Balls to Sheep

3. Glue 2 googly eyes to the head and then glue the head to the body.

Glue Googly Eyes to Sheep

4. Add the clothespins to the body.

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Clothespin Craft

1. Trace around white cardstock for the head, body and outside ear. Trace around pink cardstock for the inside ear.

2. Glue the inside ear piece on top of the outside ear piece.

3. Glue the ears to the back of the head. Glue 3 pipe cleaners to the face and then glue a pom pom on top.

Glue Pipe Cleaners to Bunny

4. Glue 2 googly eyes on. Then make a mouth with a black sharpie.

Make Easter Bunny Face

5. Glue the head to the bottom of the body to make the bunny upside down. Glue a large pom pom for the bunny butt.

Easter Bunny Clothespin Pom Pom

6. Finally, add the two white clothespins.

We love how cute and easy these 3 Easter crafts are to make!

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