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Handprint Flower Bouquet

This handprint flower bouquet is such a simple and beautiful craft for Mother’s Day! And kids will love getting their hands traced to make this bouquet for Mom or Grandma!

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Handprint Flower Bouquet Craft

Handprint Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day

If you’re looking for an easy Mother’s Day craft that will be cherished for many years – this is definitely one to add to your list! It’s mess free with only glue sticks and paper required.

Kids can easily trace their handprints and glue their bouquet together. For younger kids, they may need help cutting them out.

Handprint Flower Bouquet Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed to Make a Handprint Flower Bouquet

Colored Cardstock

White Cardstock – 12×12

– Glue Stick


Watch the video tutorial here!


Directions to Make a Handprint Flower Bouquet

1. First trance the hand and part of the arm for the hand that will hold the bouquet around colored cardstock.

2. Then trace one regular handprint in 5 different colors. You can do one handprint and use it to trace the others or you can trace all 5 separately. We did 2 purple, 2 pink and 1 red.

3. Cut 5 long strips of green cardstock for the flower stems.

4. Glue the flower stems to the white cardstock first. We used a 12×12 piece of cardstock to be able to fit all of the flowers.

Cut Stems for the Flowers

5. Glue the stems down, and then glue the handprint holding the flowers on top.

Glue Hand onto Bouquet

6. Glue the handprints to the top of the stems. We started with the two purple in the back and then glued the red and pink flowers on top.

Glue Handprint flowers onto Bouquet

7. Now your handprint bouquet is finished! Once Mom’s bouquet is done, make one for Grandma too!

Bouquet Handprint Flowers

If you’d like to make a handprint bouquet you can place in a mason jar, see our handprint flowers craft.


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You can even make a handprint flower bouquet! These look so lovely placed in mason jars.

Handprint Flower Bouquet


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