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Zebra Handprint

Looking for a fun Z is for zebra craft? Then try this Zebra Handprint Craft! You can also turn it into a card. Use our free printable template to make it too!

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Handprint Zebra Craft

Zebra Handprint Craft

This zebra craft is super simple to make with our free printable template.

Grab the printable template at the bottom of the post.

You can choose to print and color the full zebra head or use the template to cut out your own zebra and create it from construction paper or cardstock.

Zebra Handprint Card

Turn this handprint into a card and write “You are ze-best” inside the card. Or kids can also write their own special message inside.

Zebra Handprint Craft

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Z is for Zebra Handprint

Supplies Needed

  • Colored Markers
  • Scissors
  • Zebra handprint template – you can get the free printable template at the bottom of the post

How to Make a Zebra Handprint

1. Cut out the handprint.

To make it a handprint card, fold over a piece of white cardstock and trace the handprint with the pinky on the folded part of the paper. Cut it out.

It should now open up like a card:

Make white handprint card

2. Cut out the zebra head.

Use the template to cut out the zebra head. Or you can use the traceable template to make your own.

You can get the free printable template at the bottom of the post.

Print off zebra head template

3. Color the zebra head.

We used black and neon pink to color in the zebra template.

Color in the zebra template

4. Cut out black strips and glue to the handprint.

You can make the strips larger or smaller.

Glue to the handprint on an angle.

Glue Black Strips to Handprint

5. Trim off the excess strip paper.

Trim Stripes on Zebra

6. Cut out a small piece of black cardstock for the tail.

Cut slits into the paper.

We also cut out the portion in the hair on the top of the zebra template head to make it stand out more.

Cut Zebra Tail from Paper

Fold the paper over and glue to the back of the handprint to make the tail.

Add Paper Tail to Zebra

7. Glue the head to the handprint and write a message inside the card.

Write “You are ze-best!” or write your own personal message.

Write Message Inside

This zebra handprint craft is really easy to make! Kids will love turning their handprints into these adorable zebras too!

Zebra Handprint Art

Get the Free Printable Zebra Template

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