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Ladybug Rock Painting

This ladybug rock painting craft is fun to make for kids and adults! This is a great activity to do with your kids or grandkids. This is also a fun art class activity!

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Ladybug Painted Rocks

Making these painted ladybug rocks is really easy! You only need a few supplies. Younger kids can easily make these using paint pens too.

Paint Ladybug Rocks

Kids can add their own personal touch to the ladybugs or follow our steps below.

Watch the Video Tutorial!

How to Make Ladybug Rocks

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic Paint Pens – we like this non-toxic brand. You can also paint with regular acrylic paint however, the paint pens make it really easy for kids.
  • White and Black Acrylic Paint
  • Dotting Tools – we used this set, but you can also use the back of a pencil or paintbrushes
Rainbow Ladybug Rock Painting


We used acrylic paint pens for most of the steps, but you can also paint with regular acrylic paint and a paint brush. The pens make it easy to do the line on the back of the ladybug, the mouth and the antennae.

How to Paint Ladybugs on Rocks

1. Use a white acrylic paint pen to paint a white base.

You can paint the whole rock or just paint the part of the rock where the color will go.

Add White Paint to Rocks

2. Paint the color on top of the white.

You may need to do a few coats depending on the color (lighter colors may need more).

Paint Color on Rocks

3. Add black to the front of the rock.

Add Black on Front of Ladybug

4. Add a line down the middle of the color on the rock.

Then you can flare out the bottom with more black or leave the line as is.

Add Black Line to Ladybug

5. Draw the antennae on.

For the smaller rocks we left the antennae off for space reasons.

Draw the lines for the antennae and then add small dots to the end with the black paint pen.

Add Ladybug Antenna

6. Make the eyes.

Using one of the larger dotting tools, or the back of a pencil, dip the tool into white acrylic paint. Then dab onto the face to make two eyes.

Dip Dotting Tool in White

7. Make the black dots.

Dip different sizes of the dotting tools into black acrylic paint. Then dab onto the wings of the ladybug. You can also use the backs of pencils or paintbrushes.

We used different sizes to give the dots some variety.

Add Black Dots to Ladybugs
Add Dots to Ladybugs

8. Add a small black dot to the eye.

Let the white paint dry on the eye and then dip a small dotting tool into black paint. You can also use the back of a paintbrush that has a small end.

Carefully dab onto the eye.

Add Black Dots to Eyes

9. Add a mouth.

Use the white acrylic paint pen and add a mouth.

If you make a mistake, use the black pen to paint over, let it dry, then you can try again.

Add Mouth to Ladybug

10. Seal the rocks.

See our recommendations for sealers above.

This will give it a final glossy finish, or protect the paint if you plan on placing it outdoors.

Seal Ladybug Rocks

This ladybug rock painting project is fun for kids and adults to make together! The finished ladybugs turn out so cute and would even make great gifts!

Ladybug Rock

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