If you have a lot of broken crayons lying around your house, today we have a simple DIY that will transform those broken pieces into brand new crayons! We’re sharing how to make your own lego crayons with this simple tutorial.

These little lego crayon men will be perfect to play and color with! And your kids will be so happy to watch the process and see the transformation from broken crayons to lego men!

How to make your own lego crayons

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!


We absolutely love these Lego molds. You can make crayons with them but you could also make your own Lego soap too! And think about all the different treats you can make with them!

Here are the materials you’ll need to make these DIY lego crayons

Supplies to make lego crayons

Pack of crayons or broken pieces you already have

Lego molds

-Knife or Bowl of Water

How to make your own Lego Crayons 

Note – Adults should prepare and make these lego crayons for kids to enjoy. Kids can help break up the crayons if you’d like to involve them in the process.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Remove the wrappers from your crayons. You can do this by placing them in a bowl of water and letting the wrappers peel off easily once wet or by carefully scoring the crayon wrapper with a knife.

3. Now break the crayons into about 5 pieces each or use already broken crayons.

4. Place one crayon inside each mold sticking straight up and down (you can fit more this way). Fill the mold as shown above.

5. Place your mold on a baking pan and into the oven, heat for about 3-5 minutes. Watch to ensure the crayons have melted. It may take more or less time depending on your oven and the crayons used.

6. Once done, remove the mold from your baking pan and place on a flat surface in the freezer for around 20 minutes, or until your crayons are cool and solid.

7. Carefully remove the crayons from your molds by stretching the sides of the molds and pressing up on the bottom of each Lego man mold.

Now that your lego crayons are done, now is the fun part! Let your kids play with the lego men and of course color with them! I don’t know why but I feel like coloring with lego men is just so much more fun!

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