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Snowflake Templates

Making paper snowflakes is the perfect winter activity for a cold day indoors. All you need is paper and these snowflake templates to make them! And the designs are optional – you can draw your own too! Once you’re done, hang them on your windows to brighten up your home or classroom!

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Paper Snowflake Templates

We love the colorful snowflakes you can make by using colored paper. The larger the paper you use – the bigger you can make your snowflake! So if you can find thin, large colored paper you can make even bigger snowflakes than these.

Free Paper Snowflake Template

Once you know how to fold the paper to make a snowflake, you can make any design!

Watch our video tutorial to see how to fold the paper.

What kind of paper should I use? 

In order to easily cut out the snowflakes, you must only use regular paper. Any kind of thick paper that is more like cardstock will be really hard to cut.

We used this colored paper pack.

If you want to make extra large snowflakes, you can use easel paper and follow the same instructions.

Free Snowflake Template

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

1. First print off the templates below. Or follow along and draw your own.

Then cut out the square part of the template.

Cut out Snowflake Template

2. Fold the template along the diagonal line once.

Step 1 Fold Triangle

3. Fold along the diagonal again, leaving the part exposed which has the design.

Step 2 Fold Again

4. Fold the two side pieces behind the triangle with the design. Then trim off the top.

Step 3 Fold Pieces Behind and Trim

5. Now cut out your design! This is also where you can draw your own design if making your own.

Step 4 Cut Around Design

Free Paper Snowflake Templates

Here are 5 designs you can choose from!

Click the link under each design to get the PDF printable. 

Template 1 - Snowman Snowflake Template

Get the snowman template here.

Template 2 - Christmas Tree Snowflake

Get the Christmas Tree Snowflake Template.

Template 3 - Snowflake

Get the snowflake template.

Template 4 - Snowflake

Get the snowflake template.

Template 5 - Snowflake

Get the snowflake template.

More Snowflake Activities

For more snowflake designs, see our other post on paper snowflakes which has a few more designs you can make.

And for another snowflake activity, try these salt painted snowflakes.

Salt Painting Snowflakes

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