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Reindeer Handprint

This Reindeer Handprint can be made into an ornament or a Christmas card. We love how cute this Rudolph is and it would be an adorable keepsake for your tree or added to any gift as a card!

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Reindeer Handprint Craft

Reindeer Handprint Card

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Supplies Needed to Make a Reindeer Handprint

  • Tacky glue (stronger glue for gluing on pom poms or googly eyes. You can also use hot glue with adult assistance).

How to Make a Handprint Reindeer

1. Fold your paper over if you want to make your reindeer handprint into a card.

Trace the hand so that the wrist is on the folded part.

Fold Brown Paper over for Reindeer Card

2. When you cut out your handprint you’ll want to try and cut the top so that it looks like a straight line across the top of the reindeer.

You should now have a handprint card that looks like this:

Handprint Reindeer Ornament

3. Now cut out a head and tail and glue to your handprint.

Christmas Handprint Reindeer

4. Cut two small pieces of your brown pipe cleaner and then cut 2 additional small pieces to make the antlers.

Twist the smaller piece onto the other piece to form your antler. Glue to the back of your reindeer’s head.

Tip: We like to use this glue for gluing pipe cleaners and pom poms because it’s a stronger glue.

You can also use hot glue (adult assistance).

Inside Reindeer Handprint Card

5. Add your reindeer googly eyes and pom pom nose.

Add Nose and Eyes to Reindeer Ornament

6. Using your thin red ribbon, thread 3 jingle bells through it and tie to the inside of your card.

Note: if you make an ornament instead, simply just tie the ribbon to the back of your ornament.

Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

7. If you want to turn the handprint reindeer into an ornament, you can add a small red ribbon to the back for hanging.

Ribbon for Hanging Reindeer Ornament

8. Now write your message inside!

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Card

This card is a cute keepsake card for anyone who loves Rudolph!

Don’t forget to add the date and age to the back of the card.

Reindeer Handprint Craft

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