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Q-tip Snowflake

These Q-Tip Snowflakes are so pretty and simple for kids to make.  There are so many different snowflake designs that can be made. Each snowflake will be unique!

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Q-Tip Snowflake Craft

We love that you can easily customize these Q-tip snowflakes by changing up the colors of the cardboard to match your holiday décor.

This is also a craft that is great for kids of all ages. Older kids can cut the q tips and design the snowflakes themselves. Even preschoolers will love helping to paint the cardboard background and glue the q tips on.

Q tip Snowflake Craft for Kids

You can add a string to these to turn them into an ornament or a gift tag.

Supplies Needed To Make Q-Tip Snowflakes




Acrylic Paint

Tacky Glue

Small White Pom Poms

Hole Puncher


Q tip Snowflake Ornament

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make a Q tip Snowflake

How To Make Q-Tip Snowflakes

1. Cut circles out of cardboard.

You can trace around a round object, like a jar or lid to make a circle shape.

Make Cardboard Circles

Note: thick cardboard is hard to cut with regular scissors so we recommend a pair of heavy duty scissors.

2. Paint the cardboard circles.

We painted in different colors of blue, but you can paint any color you’d like!

Lighter colors of paint may require more than one coat of paint.

Paint Cardboard Blue

3. Cut your Q-tips into pieces. 

Depending on your snowflake design, you can cut q tips into different lengths and sizes. Cut some in half and cut some smaller pieces for the end of the snowflake.

Cut Q-tips in Half

4. Glue a white pom pom to the center of your cardboard circle. 

You can use tacky glue or hot glue for this step (with adult assistance).

5. Attach the Q-tip pieces to the cardboard. 

Lay out your snowflake design first.

Then start to glue the q tips to the cardboard, starting with the pieces attached to the pom pom first.

This is where you can have fun coming up with all different kinds of snowflake designs!

Start to glue q-tips on
Glue on q-tips to make snowflakes

6. Hole punch the top of the cardboard to make a hole for the string.

Tie on a string or piece of twine through the hole.

Hole Punch Top of Ornament

7. Hang on the tree or attach it to a gift!

We hope you enjoy making these beautiful snowflakes! These are so pretty and would make a fun gift for Christmas too!

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