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Frozen Playdough

We love to make themed playdough – and this winter-themed Frozen inspired playdough is one of our favorites! Whether you’re a fan of the movie or not – your kids will love this Frozen playdough! You can even make it as a winter activity using the snowflake cookie cutter stamps.

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Frozen Playdough Recipe

This recipe uses our favorite, classic playdough recipe. It’s the softest playdough we have ever made and lasts for months! And it’s not messy to make when you add the food coloring to the water.

For the white playdough – it’s even less messy since you don’t need any food coloring at all! And if you’d like, you can skip the glitter.

Frozen Playdough Snowflakes

To make fun snowflake imprints in your Frozen playdough – we used these snowflake stampers. You can also use snowflake cookier cutters.

Winter Playdough Frozen Themed

How to Make Frozen Playdough

This method for making the playdough uses the stove-top to cook the playdough. You can also substitute with boiling water and mix in a bowl. However, we find it’s much easier to mix the ingredients in a pot.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need: Flour, Cream of Tartar, Water, Food Coloring, Salt. Skip down to the recipe card below to see the full recipe instructions and video.

Do you need cream of tartar?  Yes, if you want a soft playdough and want it to last longer, you need to add a little bit of cream of tartar.

What snowflake stamps did you use? We used this set of snowflake stamps. You can also use regular snowflake cookie cutters too.

Glitter – for the blue playdough we used an extra fine blue glitter and for the white playdough we used this iridescent blue glitter.


If you would prefer to use a biodegradable glitter here are a few options:

Biodegradable turquoise glitter

Biodegradable iridescent glitter

White Snowflake Frozen Play Doh

We made two different colors of playdough. One blue playdough with blue food coloring and one plain (no food coloring),

Here is the blue playdough with a little bit of fine blue glitter added to it: 

Blue Frozen Playdough

Here is the white playdough (no food coloring added) with some iridescent glitter added to it: 

White Frozen Playdough

How Should I Store Playdough?

Store the finished playdough in an air-tight container. It will help to also wrap it in some saran wrap to keep the air from touching the playdough which can make it go hard.

How Long Will The Playdough Last?

It should last at least one month if stored properly. The less air that can get to the playdough when storing, the longer it will last! We like to wrap in saran wrap and then place in a container.


Watch how to make the playdough here! 


Frozen Playdough Recipe
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Frozen Playdough Recipe

Frozen-inspired homemade playdough.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
Total Time10 minutes


  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil vegetable oil only
  • 1 cup water
  • blue food coloring for blue playdough only


  • In a large bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients (flour, cream of tartar, salt) and mix well.
    Mix Flour and Cream of Tarter for Playdough
  • Mix food coloring with your water first. Then add the vegetable oil and water with food coloring to a large pot. Mix together.
    Mix Food Coloring and Water for Playdough
  • Add the dry ingredients to your pot and mix well.
    Add Dry Mix to Pot for Frozen Playdough
  • Cook over low to medium heat until the dough starts to form and becomes dry.
  • Once it starts to form a ball together and looks fully cooked, take off the heat. Let the dough cool first before touching.
  • Once cool, knead the dough for 5 minutes to make the dough soft.
  • After kneading, you can add glitter to your playdough and knead the glitter in.
    Add Glitter to Playdough


If your dough is not soft, continue kneading for another 5 minutes. If you find it is still too dry, add a little bit more oil and knead in. 
Repeat recipe and instructions for each color you would like to make. For the white playdough, do not add food coloring. 


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