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Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft

Make this adorable paper plate scarecrow craft for fall or Halloween! Hang on a door or use them to decorate a bulletin board. You can also turn them into masks by adding a large craft stick to them.

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Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft for Kids

Make this easy and fun scarecrow craft for kids! Kids will love making these for a fall activity, and you can even use them to decorate your home or classroom!

Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Plate Scarecrow

Large Paper Plates

Cardstock in Brown, Black, Orange & Yellow

Pink and Beige Paint

– Black Marker


Large Googly Eyes


If you currently don’t have any cardstock on hand, this multi-pack is perfect as it comes in all of the colors you would need to make these scarecrows!

Scarecrow Paper Plate Craft

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Directions to Make a Paper Plate Scarecrow

1. Paint the paper plates and let them dry. We used a light beige paint color.

2. Cut out strips of yellow cardstock. If you have any scrap paper, this is a perfect use for it.

Cut out strips of yellow paper

3. Glue the yellow strips to the sides of the paper plate to make the scarecrow’s hair.

4. Make the scarecrow hat by cutting out a large triangle shape from the brown cardstock. Add a strip of black cardstock to the lower part of the triangle to make the hat’s band.

5. Glue a few yellow strips to the top of the hat.

6. Add some line marks with a black marker to the hat.

7. Glue on large googly eyes and a triangle-shaped nose from orange cardstock.

8. Draw on the mouth with a black marker.

9. Add cheek marks with pink paint using a round sponge brush. You can also dip a small glue stick lid or other small cap into paint and dab onto the paper plate.

10. Tie a bow with twine and glue to the bottom of the paper plate.

Your scarecrow is now complete! Hang them up to decorate a classroom or your home for fall or Halloween!

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