Fall is the perfect time to brighten up your windows with some beautiful suncatchers. This fall leaf suncatcher is so easy to make and we’ve made it even easier for you by providing free leaf templates. All you need to do is print the template out and grab some simple supplies to make these beautiful suncatchers.

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Fall Leaf Suncatchers

Fall Leaf Suncatcher

These suncatchers only require a few materials and you might already have them on hand. To make it super easy, we’ve provided these free fall leaf templates!  Grab you free leaf templates here

Tissue Paper Suncatchers

You can also make this craft without the template and cut out the leaves to whatever size and shape you want. It’s easy to customize this project to however you want it to be!

Leaf Suncatchers for Fall


Supplies Needed To Make Fall Leaf Suncatchers

Leaf suncatcher supplies

Instructions For Making a Fall Leaf Suncatcher

1. First, print the fall leaf templates on white card stock and cut them out. You want to cut out the center as well, just leaving a black outline. You could also trace the templates onto black construction paper if you want a thicker outline for your leaves.

You will need 2 identical leaf outlines for each suncatcher.

Leaf outline for suncatcher

2. Cut up your tissue paper into small squares. Then place one leaf outline onto the sticky side of a piece of contact paper.

Layer the tissue paper squares onto the contact paper. Don’t worry if you go outside of the outline, this will get trimmed off later!

Tissue Paper Leaf Suncatchers

3. Using a glue stick, glue around the back side of the second leaf outline.

Glue Leaf Suncatchers

4. Place the second leaf outline on top of the tissue paper, lining it up with the first leaf. Place another piece of clear contact paper on top and press down to smooth out any bubbles. Trim the excess contact paper with scissors.

Cut Out Leaf Suncatchers

5. Stick your suncatchers onto a window with double sided tape and enjoy the beautiful fall colors as the sun shines through the tissue paper!

We love how easy this fall craft is! To make a slightly different spin, use your contact paper to preserve fall leaves you find outside and display them on your window!

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