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Alphabet Sensory Bottle

This alphabet sensory bottle is a fun sensory and learning activity for kids. This simple activity set-up is perfect for pre-k if you are teaching kids about the alphabet!

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Alphabet Sensory Bottle Activity

Alphabet Sensory Bottle for Kids

This activity comes from an amazing preschool activity book for kids – The Best Preschool Learning Activities book. This book is packed with 75 fun ideas for literacy, math, science and more. The book has a focus on learning through play with many activities like this one!

The Best Preschool Learning Activities Book

For a twist on learning the alphabet, see our Alphabet Sensory Bag or our I Spy Alphabet Bottle.

Sensory Bottle Alphabet

Supplies Needed to Make an Alphabet Sensory Bottle

Large alphabet beads

Clear sensory bottle

– Clear corn syrup

– Water

– Hot glue or super glue for sealing the bottle (adults only)

Letter Sensory Bottle Activity

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make an Alphabet Sensory Bottle

1. Add 26 or more letters into the sensory bottle. We made sure to choose different colors.

Add Leters into Bottle

2. Fill the remaining bottle almost full with clear corn syrup. Leave about 1 oz of space at the top for water and a bit of space for air (so that the water and corn syrup can mix).

Add Clear Corn Syrup to Bottle

3. Fill the remaining bottle with water (approximately 1 oz of water). Also make sure to leave a little bit of space for air.

Add Water into Bottle

4. Add the lid tightly onto the bottle. For extra protection you can hot glue or super glue the lid on so that it cannot be removed. Always supervise when kids are using the sensory bottle.

Mix the bottle gentle back and forth to mix the water and corn syrup together.

Mix Bottle with Water and Corn Syrup

There will be some bubbles that form but after a day the bubbles will clear.

Sensory Bottle with Alphabet Letters

5. This sensory bottle is very relaxing as the letters gently float to the top when flipped. Some children will want to just observe the letters. You can also use this as a calm down sensory bottle.

For learning, print or write out the alphabet for kids to find each letter in the bottle. We have a free printable on our I Spy Alphabet Sensory Bottle activity.

For older kids, you can ask kids to identify the letter and the corresponding letter sound.

Letter Sensory Bottle

Activity Credit: This activity comes from The Best Preschool Learning Activities book.

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