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Leaf Silhouette Art

With Fall just around the corner we’re welcoming the new season with this leaf silhouette art. We love how easy this craft is. It can be adapted for kids of all ages. Younger kids can do a painted background and older kids can try the yarn, washi tape or glitter paper. You can even grab some scraps of paper, magazine strips or any other art supplies to decorate your leaf!

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Making fall art can be simple! Grab the free leaf templates here.

Washi Tape Leaf Art

Leaf Silhouette Art

This leaf silhouette art can be done 4 ways: 

  • Paint scrape leaf
  • Washi tape leaf
  • Yarn leaf
  • Glitter paper leaf

Supplies to Make Leaf Silhouette Art 

Watch the full video here before you get started! 


Paint Scrape Leaf Art 

We’ll start with the steps to make the paint scrape leaf. This is a fun one for kids to do! If you have toddlers you can adapt this by putting the paper and paint inside a ziploc bag and have them press the paint around in the bag. You can also have them get their hands dirty and do some finger painting too!

Fall Leaf Silhouette Art

To make our paint scrape leaf, just add some drops of paint on your paper. Mix up the colors and where you place them. Then grab a piece of cardboard or other flat hard item and scrape the paint in a few different directions.

Leaf Scrape Painting

Washi Tape Leaf Art

Grab some washi tape and make a background for your leaf with the tape! We found washi tape that was colored orange, yellow and red for autumn but you can really use any colors.

Place your washi tape across your paper to fill the background. Then glue another paper with the leaf silhouette cut-out on top.

Washi Tape Fall Art

Yarn Leaf Art

Make yarn your backdrop by cutting small strips of yarn and bundling them together. We used red, orange and yellow colored yarn for fall colors.

Yarn Art Silhouette Craft

Cut strips of yarn and then tape bunches of them down to your paper. Then glue your leaf cut-out template on top. For gluing this one on top you may need to use some hot glue (adults only).

Yarn Silhouette Leaf Art

Glitter Paper Leaf Art 

Cut out strips of glitter paper and glue down to your bottom paper. We used glitter gold, red and bronze paper. We like the effect of the glitter paper but any kind of paper would work! You could use painted newspaper strips, magazine strips, paper strips, paper scraps and even tissue paper. Basically anything you can cut into strips can be used for your background!

Glitter Paper Silhouette Art


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4 comments on “Leaf Silhouette Art”

  1. How do you cut out your leaves for the top sheet? Just trying to find the easiest method!

    1. Trace the template on the back of the paper with a pencil and then fold the paper slightly to make one cut mark inside the leaf. Then you can get your scissors inside to cut out the leaf.

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