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Leaf Spray Painting

Here is a fun way to paint leaves for fall! Try leaf spray painting to make beautiful fall art! Kids will love this spray painted effect you can create using leaves as the silhouettes.

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Leaf Spray Painting Art for Kids

This silhouette spray painting effect creates beautiful fall art! Kids can go out outside and find leaves to use. It’s a perfect fall activity especially with leaves that have fallen on the ground!

Look for different kinds of leaves to use or you can even use ferns to create unique silhouette designs.

This activity comes from an activity book for kids – Fun Painting Projects for Kids. This book is packed with 60 painting activities for kids. There are nature, outdoor, process, and abstract painting ideas.

fun painting projects for kids book

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Supplies Needed for Leaf Spray Painting

– Leaves – have kids go outside to collect all kinds of different leaves

– Small spray bottles – you can find these at the dollar store

Water-based tempera paints – we used light green and dark green, and red, orange and yellow

– Water

White cardstock (we used a 12×12 sized piece of white cardstock)

– Painter’s tape or masking tape (to tape the leaves down)

spray painted leaf craft

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

spray painted leaf art

How to Make Leaf Spray Painted Art

1. Start by collecting and selecting your leaves. Use a variety of leaves and you can even choose ferns!

Gather leaves for activity

2. Tape the leaves down to the white cardstock with some painter’s tape. You can also use masking tape. This will keep the leaf in place while you spray.

Tape Leaf Down
Tape Leaf to Paper
Arrange Leaves for Painting

3. Fill half of your spray bottle with the paint, and then fill the other half with water. Or, if you have a large bottle, use a 1:1 paint to water ratio.

Add Paint into Spray Bottle
Add Water Into Spray Bottle

4. Start to spray the paper.

Spray Paint Leaves with Red

You can use one color or multiple colors. We used light green and dark green for one, and red, orange and yellow on the other.

Keep Adding Paint Colors

5. Carefully peel off the leaves to reveal your final art.

Take Leaves off Paper

Let the paint dry. Your leaf art is now finished! Make different silhouettes by trying different leaves or ferns!

leaf art spray painted

Activity Credit: This activity comes from Fun Painting Projects for Kids.

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fall crafts for kids

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