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How to Paint Dandelions with Toilet Paper Rolls

Did you know that you can paint dandelions using a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll as a stamp? We’ll show you how to paint dandelions with toilet paper rolls in this simple upcycled art project!

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Painting Dandelions with Paper Rolls

You only need paint, paper and a paper roll to make this fun spring and summer art! Plus, it’s a fun way to recycle paper rolls!

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Supplies Needed

  • Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll – for stamping the dandelion
  • Scissors
  • Paintwhite
  • Cardstock green for the leaves and stem, 12×12 blue for the background
  • Printable leaf template – you can get the free printable at the bottom of the post
  • Gluestick – or white glue
  • Q-tip – for painting dandelion details

Watch the Video Tutorial

Dandelions Painted with Paper Rolls

How to Paint Dandelions with Toilet Paper Rolls

1. Make the toilet paper roll stamp.

Use scissors to make snips all along one side of the toilet paper roll, making cuts about 1/4″ apart.

The longer the slits made, the larger the flower, so make them just a little over an inch long.

Once the entire end is cut, fold the fringe outwards.

2. Make the dandelion stems.

Cut green paper into 2 thin green stems and glue them onto the blue background paper.

We used a 12×12 sheet of blue cardstock for a larger art piece but if using a smaller paper you may only be able to fit one dandelion.

3. Paint the dandelions.

Squeeze a small amount of white paint onto a paper plate or scrap paper. Dip the fringed end of the toilet paper roll stamp into the paint and dab it up and down to be sure it’s well coated. Do not add too much paint, you want it just lightly painted so it prints more of a wispy look.

Stamp the toilet paper roll onto the blue paper above one of the green stems. Move the toilet paper roll in an up and down motion, stamping it over and over in place, forming a fluffy-looking dandelion.

If you think you need more paint, repeat until you are happy with how it looks.

4. Add painted details.

Dip a Q tip into the white paint and use it to stamp a few dots in the center of the dandelion puff.

Make more dots outside of the puffs, to look like dandelion seeds floating in the wind.

5. Make the leaves.

Print and cut out the printable template found at the bottom of this post.

Trace the template onto green cardstock or construction paper and cut out 4 leaves, 2 for each dandelion.

Fold the leaves down the center to give them a 3D look and glue 2 leaves to the base of each dandelion stem in a simple V shape.

Repeat for the second dandelion.

This simple art technique for painting dandelions is fun and easy for kids to do!

Get the Free Printable Leaf Template

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