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Fish Handprint Craft

This fish handprint craft is cute to make for Father’s Day! We love that these are made from your child’s handprint too. And how about the saying “Hooked on Daddy”? This would make such a perfect gift for the fishing father in your family. Or even if the dad doesn’t like to fish, it’s still an adorable Father’s Day card idea.

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Fish Handprint Craft

Fish Handprint Craft

The best part about this craft is that it has an adorable keepsake of your child’s handprint. These would make perfect cards to make in preschool or a daycare for Father’s Day.

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There is a really cute poem you can add to it also (print off and add an insert card or hand write it and include inside the card):

This is a catch you’ll want to treasure,
My love for you has no measure
I made this from my hand to say,
I hope you have a Happy Father’s Day!

Author: K.M, thebestideasforkids.com

Handprint Fish Craft

Supplies Needed

Fish Handprint Card Craft

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Fish Handprint Craft

1. Add paper water.

First cut out some blue cardstock or construction paper to make a water background like the below. Add a wave to the top and glue to the white cardstock.

Glue on blue cardstock

2. Fold over orange paper.

Take orange cardstock or construction paper and fold it over.

Fold over orange cardstock

3. Trace your child’s handprint.

Trace your child’s hand so that the bottom of the handprint is on the folded part of the paper.

Cut it out. It should now open up like this:

Cut out handprint

4. Add googly eyes and a mouth.

Glue the handprint to the blue paper.

Add googly eyes and draw a mouth on the handprint with a black marker.

Add googly eyes and smile

5. Make a popsicle stick fishing rod.

Now make your fishing rod!

Get your popsicle stick and tie a small string around it. Glue your stick to the top of your card and glue the bottom of the string inside the handprint card (inside the mouth of the fish).

Add Popsicle Stick Fishing Rod

6. Add pom poms for bubbles.

Add some white pom poms to make it look like bubbles in the water. You can also use paper, bubble wrap or white buttons.

Add Pom Poms for Bubbles

7. Now write your messages!

Add the poem to the back of the card, add Happy Father’s Day inside and write Hooked on Daddy on the top.

You can also write “Dad, you’re a catch!”

Add Hooked on Daddy

Dad will love receiving this card. Don’t forget to write the date and name on the back.

Hooked on Dad Craft

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