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Handprint Trophy

Give Dad, Grandpa or an Uncle this adorable handprint trophy for Father’s Day! These cards come together really quickly and make a great keepsake for years to come.

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Father’s Day Handprint Trophy

Since the trophy base is made from black cardstock, we used a white paint pen to write messages on them. If you don’t have a white paint pen, white colored pencils or crayons will also work.

You could also make the base in another color of cardstock and use a regular marker to write on it.

The trophy base opens up to reveal a special Father’s Day note inside!

Supplies Needed

  • Paintbrush – medium-sized
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White acrylic paint pen – to write messages on the black trophy base. If you change the color of the base to white, you can use a black marker to write on the base instead.
  • Trophy template – get the free printable sent to you at the bottom of the post

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Handprint Trophy

1. Make the handprints.

Apply yellow non-toxic tempera or acrylic paint onto the palm of your child’s hand.

Guide your child’s hand to stamp onto a piece of white cardstock.

Gently remove their hand and apply more paint to make additional handprints. When done, help wash their hands with warm soapy water. It can help to have a wipe nearby to wipe off the paint before washing their hand.

Let the handprints dry.

2. Cut out the trophy.

Print and cut out the free printable trophy template. You can get the template sent to you at the bottom of the post.

The trophy is a good size for kids’ hands aged 5 and younger. If you need a bigger trophy, you can adjust the scale setting in your printer’s options. Once printed, hold it up to your child’s painted handprints to be sure that it fits between the two handles.

Trace the template onto yellow cardstock and cut it out.

Use scissors to cut out the holes. It can help to bend the paper slightly and make a small slit with the scissors. Now you can get the scissors inside the handle area to cut it out.

3. Attach the handprint onto the trophy.

Use scissors to cut out the dried painted handprints, leaving a narrow white border around the handprint.

Apply glue to the back of the handprint and glue it to the trophy.

4. Make the trophy base.

Print and cut out the printable template for the trophy base.

Trace the template onto black cardstock and cut 2 out. You will need 2 trophy bases per trophy to make a card.

On one of the pieces, use a white paint marker to write a short Father’s Day message. We wrote “#1 Dad”, “World’s Best Dad” and “Best Dad Ever.”

On the blank base piece, apply a 1/2″ line of glue along the left edge. Glue the top base piece to the blank piece on the left only to turn it into a card.

Glue the base to the trophy.

Gently open the card and make a fold so that the card easily opens and shuts. Inside the card, write another Father’s Day message.

Make as many trophies as you’d like! And don’t forget to write your child’s name and the date inside the card, or on the back of the trophy!

Of course, you can customize the message on the trophy base to perfectly suit your Dad! Messages like “World’s Best Pasta Sauce Maker”, “#1 Fisherman”, or “BBQ King” to make the card even more special.

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Printable Trophy Template

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