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Father’s Day Popsicle Craft

Need a simple Father’s Day craft? Then you’ve found the perfect craft for kids of all ages! Make one or all of these adorable Father’s Day popsicle crafts. Turn them into cards or just make them as a fun summer craft!

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Father’s Day Popsicle Card Craft

These popsicle cards are so simple and fun for kids to make!

There is also a lot of cute sayings you can add inside, like:

  • “Dad, you’re the coolest!”
  • “You’re the coolest Pop!”
  • “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest Dad!”

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Dad You're the Coolest Card

There is a also a free template you can use to make the cards.

Get the free printable template at the bottom of the post.

Popsicle Card Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Black Marker
  • Glue – a glue stick for the paper and hot glue (with adult assistance) or a glue adhesive dots for the googly eyes and popsicle stick
  • Free Template – get the template sent to you at the bottom of the post
You're the Coolest Popsicle Card

Watch the Video Tutorial!

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Card

1. Cut out the free printable template.

You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

2. Fold and trace.

Fold over a piece of cardstock to make the card shape.

Then trace around the template with the left side of the template on the folded part of the cardstock. Cut it out.

If you want to add the cut out part of the popsicle, use the template that has this portion cut out.

Cut out Popsicle Cards

3. Add ice cream drip paper detail.

To add the ice cream paper drip detail, use the template to trace onto a white piece of cardstock.

Glue to the top of the paper popsicle.

Then cut out small strips of paper to make sprinkles.

Add Melted Ice Cream and Sprinkles

4. Add googly eyes.

Add Googly Eyes to Popsicles

5. Add a smile with a black marker.

Add Smiles to Popsicle Cards

6. Add pink cheeks.

Dip the back of a paintbrush or pencil in pink paint and dab on the side of the mouth.

Add Painted Cheeks to Popsicles

7. Add a popsicle stick to the back of the card.

Tape or glue the popsicle stick to the back.

Add Popsicle to Paper Card

8. Add a message inside the card.

See our cute popsicle-themed messages above for inspiration!

Father's Day Popsicle Card

Get the Free Printable Template Here

Get the Free Popsicle Template

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Popsicle Card Templates

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  1. How can I print off just the directions for making the craft? I don’t want to use tons of ink! Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah! The best way is to copy and paste into a word document and delete anything you don’t need. Hope that helps!

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