If you need an easy DIY card for kids to make – try these fingerprint Valentine cards! They are easy to create and make a great keepsake too!

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Fingerprint Valentine Cards Kids


Fingerprint Valentine’s Day Cards

Make these fingerprint Valentine’s Day cards for a sweet keepsake craft to give to Grandparents or friends. They will adore these cute cards as much as your kids will love making them! And you only need a few supplies to make them!

For more fun Handprint Cards – see our new Handprint Card Kit. Now available at Michael’s!  It includes stickers to make a handprint bee card!

Fingerprint Cards for Valentine's Day

You could even stick these fingerprint cards in a frame and give them as a gift. We’ll show you three different options for turning fingerprints into these cute bugs with some Valentine’s Day sayings.

Materials Needed To Make Fingerprint Valentine’s Day Cards

Here is what you will need to make the cards:

  • Craft Paint – washable paint will work or I like to use non-toxic acrylic paint for a better coverage (just make sure to wash hands right away when you’re done)
  • White Cardstock 
  • Alphabet Stickers 
  • Black Marker or Sharpie


Thumb Body Loves You Card

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Directions To Make Fingerprint Valentine’s Day Cards

Here are the step-by-step directions to make each card:

1. First, fold a piece of cardstock in half. We are using 8.5×11 white cardstock.

Fold a Piece of Cardstock in Half

2. Dip the child’s finger into the paint and gently press onto your card.

Add Fingerprints to Cards

3. Make 3 fingerprints vertically in red for the ladybugs.

Make 3 fingerprints horizontally for the bees.

For the caterpillar, make the head bigger and then add 7 or 8 smaller fingerprints beside it.

Fingerprints Added to Cards


Bee Card: 

Add the wings, eye, mouth, stripes and  stinger with a black marker.

Fingerprint Bee Card

Caterpillar Card:

Draw the eyes, a smile, antennae (add hearts to the top), and legs on the caterpillar with a black marker.

Make fingerprint caterpillar

Ladybug Card:

Draw on a head, a line for the wings, dots and antennae with a black marker.

Make ladybug fingerprint card


Using alphabet stickers, spell out “Bee Mine”, “Be My Love Bug” and “Thumb Body Loves You”. You can also write this on the card with the black marker.


Fingerprint Cards Kids Can Make


Aren’t these Valentine’s Day cards just the cutest?

For more fun keepsake cards – see our NEW Handprint Card Kit. Now available at Michael’s!  It includes stickers to make a handprint bee card!

More Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

These heart handprint salt dough ornaments are the perfect Valentine’s day craft!

Handprint Ornament

Make a handprint Valentine card with your own personalized heart messages inside. We love how easy this card is to make!

Handprint Valentine Card Cover

For another fingerprint card idea – see these fingerprint heart cards. You can grab a free template to make them too.

Valentine Fingerprint Heart Card