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Fingerprint Heart Mugs

Making personalized fingerprint heart mugs can be the perfect Valentine’s day or Mother’s day gift.  You can also give it as a gift to a teacher or loved one and it is such a practical gift they can cherish every day!

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DIY Fingerprint Heart Mugs

All you need are a few supplies and an inexpensive white mug to get started on this craft. Make sure to put your child’s name and date on the bottom of the mug if you are going to save it as a keepsake. These mugs are such great gifts because they can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Heart Fingerprint Valentine Mug

These DIY mugs are so fun and easy to make. Kids of all ages will love using their fingerprints to create these beautiful heart mugs. Get a gift card or packet of tea to stick inside the mugs and give them out as gifts!

Fingerprint Heart Mug DIY

Supplies Needed To Make Fingerprint Heart Mugs

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How To Make Fingerprint Heart Mugs

1. Begin by cutting out a small heart out of cardstock.

Tape this to your mug.

Add Paper Heart to Mug

2. Dip your child’s finger into paint and make small dots around the heart overlapping the cardstock slightly.

This paint is great because it can be used on both ceramic and glass surfaces.

Dip Finger into Paint

3. Keep adding different colors of paint.

Make sure to stay about 1/2 to 1 inch away from the top of the mug.

Add more fingerprints to mug

4. Remove the heart and allow the mug to dry.

Add Mod Podge to Mug

5. Bake the mug at a low temperature according to the enamel acrylic paint directions.

Check your paint directions, some paint requires baking while others do not.

6. For extra protection, use this sealer which will keep the paint from coming off.

  • It’s safe for top rack dishwasher use however to be extra careful we would recommend hand washing these mugs (you wouldn’t want to wash away one of those cute fingerprints).
  • Also read directions of the mod podge sealer, it is recommended to leave some space for your lips when sealing if you intend to use the mug to drink out of. These mugs also make beautiful decorations if you don’t want to risk losing the fingerprints.
How to Make a Fingerprint Heart Mug

These mugs make such a special keepsake for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday!

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And these fingerprint cards for Valentine’s Day are super easy to make!

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