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Christmas Would You Rather

If you need a fun game to play during the Christmas holidays, try these Christmas Would You Rather Questions! These questions are fun and silly and all have a Christmas theme to them.

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Christmas Would You Rather Questions Printable

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

The whole family will enjoy answering these questions on a long car ride, at a Christmas party or after a big holiday meal!

There are 2 free printables you can get at the bottom of the post. Print off the questions and keep them with you to pull out any time you need an easy activity to do during the holidays. Kids love pondering which answer they will make to these questions.

Christmas Edition Would You Rather

For more fun Would you Rather Questions, see our full list of 100+ Would You Rather Questions for Kids!

Would you rather christmas questions

How You Can Use the Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

  • Passing time on road trips
  • At a family holiday gathering
  • A classroom party at school
  • Holiday conversation starters
  • Waiting rooms or in the car between activities

Print off the 1 pager and have kids select their response, or print off the individual cards and take turns picking a card to ask the questions.

Christmas Printable Would You Rather Questions

We also have all of the questions listed on this post if you want to copy and paste to your own document. We just kindly ask if you are reprinting in a community newsletter or school newsletter that you credit our website as the source.

Printable Would You Rather Christmas Cards

50 Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Some of the questions are silly. Some are more difficult to answer than others. Some will make you laugh. All of these questions are made for kids but adults will have fun answering them too!

Make sure you skip down below to grab the free printables!

Here are the 50 Questions:

  1. Would you rather only be able to laugh like Santa or have a red nose like Rudolph?
  2. Would you rather live at the beach or in the North Pole?
  3. Would you rather be one of Santa’s reindeer or one of Santa’s elves?
  4. Would you rather eat a candy cane or a large gingerbread cookie?
  5. Would you rather have Santa’s beard or ears like an elf?
  6. Would you rather receive a stocking full of presents or 1 big gift?
  7. Would you rather listen to Christmas music every day in December or not listen to any music?
  8. Would you rather go to a Christmas lights show or build a gingerbread house?
  9. Would you rather wear Christmas pajamas every day in December or an ugly Christmas sweater?
  10. Would you rather spend Christmas Eve delivering presents with Santa or take the Polar Express to visit the North Pole?
  11. Would you rather open up all of your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
  12. Would you rather have to go to school on Christmas or have to go to school all summer?
  13. Would you rather have a hot cocoa stand in the winter or a lemonade stand in the summer?
  14. Would you rather build a snowman or build a snow fort?
  15. Would you rather make a handmade Christmas card or buy a card?
  16. Would you rather have 2 days of Christmas or visit your favorite vacation spot for a week?
  17. Would you rather work at Santa’s workshop or at a toy store?
  18. Would you rather go on a sleigh ride or go watch a Christmas parade?
  19. Would you rather never eat candy canes again or never eat chocolate again?
  20. Would you rather pick out all of your presents yourself or receive surprise gifts?
  21. Would you rather live in Santa’s village or live in a gingerbread house?
  22. Would you rather celebrate Christmas in July or Halloween in April?
  23. Would you rather have a conversation with Santa or with an elf?
  24. Would you rather eat cookies and milk for every meal in December or hot cocoa and candy canes?
  25. Would you rather make a snow angel or decorate a Christmas tree?
  26. Would you rather have reindeer antlers on your head or be green like the Grinch?
  27. Would you rather play in the snow on Christmas day or play in the sand at the beach?
  28. Would you rather go Christmas shopping or sing Christmas songs?
  29. Would you rather never take down your Christmas tree or never take down the Christmas lights?
  30. Would you rather receive a toothbrush or a broom for Christmas?
  31. Would you rather feed Santa’s reindeer or play a boardgame with an elf?
  32. Would you rather dress up as an elf or dress up as the Grinch?
  33. Would you rather bake 100 Christmas cookies or make 100 Christmas cards?
  34. Would you rather sleep in on Christmas day or have to wake up at 5am?
  35. Would you rather go ice skating or sledding on Christmas?
  36. Would you rather wrap all of the presents or shop for the presents?
  37. Would you rather take down the Christmas tree or do the Christmas dinner dishes?
  38. Would you rather meet the Grinch or meet Frosty the Snowman?
  39. Would you rather have Rudolph or Max from the Grinch be your pet?
  40. Would you rather eat Christmas tree waffles or Christmas tree pancakes for Christmas breakfast?
  41. Would you rather watch Frosty the Snowman or Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
  42. Would you rather read Christmas books or watch a Christmas movie?
  43. Would you rather have a real small Christmas tree or a large fake Christmas tree?
  44. Would you rather act in a Christmas movie or be a famous Christmas singer?
  45. Would you rather wear elf ears or Santa’s boots?
  46. Would you rather eat candy cane ice cream or gingerbread flavored ice cream?
  47. Would you rather go watch the Nutcracker ballet or perform in the ballet?
  48. Would you rather be an elf or a polar bear?
  49. Would you rather decorate with white lights or colored lights?
  50. Would you rather eat mashed potatoes with chocolate sauce or turkey with candy cane gravy?

These will keep kids busy while creating fun holiday memories in the process.

We hope you have fun with these questions during your holiday activities this year!

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Note: printables are for personal or school use only.

Would you rather Christmas edition cards

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