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Turkey Handprint Craft

This cute turkey handprint craft is really easy to make! Turn it into a handprint card, or simply just make the craft. You can even make paper feathers and have kids write on the feathers what they are thankful for.

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Turkey Handprint Craft for Kids

Turkey Handprint Craft for Kids

This turkey handprint card is so easy to make and is the perfect turkey craft for preschool, kindergarten, or any school-age children to make!

Kids of all ages will love making this to give to those they love on Thanksgiving.

Add a poem inside the card (we have a cute one below)! Or, write Happy Thanksgiving inside the card.

Handprint Turkey Card

To add to this beautiful card, we have created a turkey poem you can write inside your card as well:

This Thanksgiving turkey,

Was made with love by me,  

I made this from my hand to say,

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Author: K.M, thebestideasforkids.com

We hope you love this handprint turkey poem as much as we do!

Thanksgiving Hand Turkey

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Your Turkey Handprint

Be sure to watch the video below on making this handprint turkey (and to see the “trick” to get the turkey head to look just right).

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Steps to Make your Turkey Handprint

1. First fold over your brown cardstock in half.

Trace your hand so that the pinky finger is lined up with the folded part and the thumb is pulled down as far as it can go. This will make the turkey “head” look like a turkey. Skip down to the bottom of our post to see the video tutorial!

Fold and Trace Your Hand

2. Cut out your handprint.

Trim a bit from the bottom if needed.

Cut Handprint Out

3. Now cut out your feet and beak as shown and glue to your handprint. 

These can be glued on with a glue stick.

Add your feet and beak

4. Now add your googly eye and red wattle.

Add eyes to turkey

5. Now you can add your feathers!

We like making the pattern red, yellow, orange, red. But you can also add in blue or green feathers too. We like using this tacky glue for gluing on feathers as they tend to be a bit harder to glue on.

Glue on your feathers to your turkey
Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers

Now add your message inside your card! We love the turkey poem we created and this would be adorable inside your card along with “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Your kids will love making this cute turkey craft this year. See more of our favorites below!

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