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Teapot and Coffee Cards

These adorable teapot and coffee cards would make a tea-riffic Mother’s Day card! Kids can even make them for birthdays or just for fun.

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Mother's Day Printable Tea Pot Cards

Printable Tea Pot and Coffee Cup Cards

There are so many cute puns to go along with these cards!

There are 3 designs to choose from – a teapot, tea cup or coffee cup.

Get the free printable templates at the bottom of the post.

The tea pot opens up to write a special message inside:

Have a Beau-tea-ful Mother's Day Card

The tea cup can also open up to write a message inside, like “Mom, you’re tea-rrific!“.

You're Teariffic Card

For the coffee fan, make this “I love you a latte” card:

I love you a latte card

Supplies Needed

  • Paint – we used acrylic paint but you can also use markers, crayons or colored pencils to decorate
  • Black Marker
  • Free Printable Templates – get the templates emailed to you at the bottom of the post

Mother's Day printable tea cup cards

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make the Cards

1. Print off the free printable card templates.

You can get the free templates emailed to you at the bottom of the post.

Printable Teapot Template

2. Color the templates.

We used paint but you can also use markers, crayons or colored pencils. Kids can also add designs to the templates.

Paint Template of Tea Cup

3. Cut out the templates.

You can cut out the inside portion of the handles or leave these uncut.

Cut out templates of cards

4. Add faces or decorate the cards.

We glued on large googly eyes, added cheek marks with the back of a paintbrush (a pencil eraser works well too!) and a smile to each card.

The tea cup also has an extra tag from the tea bag you can glue to the top of the cup.

Add Cheeks to Coffee Cup
Add Googly Eyes to Cards

5. Add the teapot top and coffee holder.

For the teapot top template: gently bend over the cut mark in the opposite direction to make an initial cut with your scissors. Then cut along the line. You can also use an X-acto knife (adults only) to cut this portion.

The teapot top should now easily slide in and rest in the card.

For the coffee holder template: glue the left side of the brown piece you painted to the coffee template. You should now be able to lift it open to write inside. It may help to bend the left side slightly on the portion that you glue down.

Add Teapot Top

These cards make the cutest Mother’s Day cards for the Mom or Grandma in your life that enjoys a cup of coffee or tea!

Tea Pot Card Mother's Day

Get the Free Printable Card Templates Here

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Printable Teapot Template

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