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Sock Snowman

Turn plain white socks into these simple no-sew rice and sock snowmen! This sock snowman is easy to make in just a few minutes, and you probably already have all the supplies you need to get started. They’re the perfect way to decorate your house for the winter season.

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Sock Snowman Craft

Made of socks, felt, and pom poms, these snowmen are filled with rice to give them a sturdy feel, similar to a bean bag.

Sock Snowman Craft for Kids
DIY Sock Snowman

If you don’t already have everything you need to make these sock snowmen in your craft stash, you should be able to find it all at your local dollar store, including the adult-sized white socks and the baby socks!

Sock Snowman Craft cover

Supplies Needed

  • White tube socks – adult-sized, 1 sock per snowman
  • Baby socks – or kid-sized, any color, 1 sock per winter hat
  • Rice – to fill the socks
  • Elastic bands – or string, to tie off the socks
  • Felt – orange for the carrot noses and any color for the scarves
  • Pom poms – mini orange ones for the carrot noses, larger ones for earmuffs and winter hats
  • White glue – for attaching the eyes and buttons
  • Hot glue gun – used with adult assistance
Cute Sock Snowman

How to Make a Sock Snowman

1. Make the snowman’s body.

Use scissors to cut off the ribbed top of your white sock – we don’t need it for this craft, so set it aside to use for another craft.

Cutting white sock

Pour rice into the sock. Keep adding rice until the sock is filled with about 2 cups of rice, or the snowman looks like the right size.

Pouring rice into sock

2. Shape the snowman’s body.

To make the crease between the snowman’s head and body, wrap an elastic band around it so that the head is a little smaller than a tennis ball. You can also use string to do this step if you prefer.

Wrapping elastic band onto snowman

At the bottom of the snowman, use another elastic band to secure the rice in place. Wrap the elastic band as many times as you can so that the rice is locked in.

Elastic bands on snowman

Trim any excess sock from the end. This will allow the snowman to sit nicely on top of the elastic. The rice-filled body should just settle nicely over the elastic bottom when the snowman is standing up on a surface.


Made in this way, these snowmen are best used as decorations or for gentle play. If you plan to let your kids play with the snowmen mainly as toys, you may want to consider a stronger way to seal the rice into the sock, like applying hot glue to the bottom.

Trimming excess sock

3. Make the snowman’s scarf.

Cut a piece of felt that is about 3/4″ wide and 8″ long.

Cut fringe into each end to look like a traditional winter scarf.

Wrap the scarf around the elastic band separating the snowman’s head from his body and once you’re happy with the placement, use hot glue (adult assistance) to secure it in place.

Felt scarf wrapped on snowman

4. Make the snowman’s face and buttons.

Use a hole punch to make 5 circles from black paper.

Use white glue to attach 3 onto the body as buttons.

Hole punching black paper for buttons

Glue the remaining 2 black circles onto the snowman’s face as eyes.

Cut a small triangle from orange felt to be the carrot nose (or use a mini orange pom pom) and glue it in place. Cut a tiny piece of black string and glue it to the face in a smile.

You can also cut the mouth out of black felt or use the hole punch black circles to make the mouth.

Face glued onto snowman

5. Make the snowman’s winter hat.

Cut the end off of a baby or kid-sized sock. Cut this longer than you think you’ll need to be safe – the length needed will depend on the size of sock you use.

Baby sock cut for snowman hat

Pull the baby sock onto the snowman’s head. If it’s too long, trim the edge until you’re happy with the fit. You’ll find that as you stretch the sock over the snowman’s head, the edge of the sock curls up onto itself forming a tidy finished edge.

Hot glue a pom pom to the top of the winter hat, with adult assistance.

Hat and pom pom on snowman

6. Make the earmuffs.

Instead of making the winter hat from a baby sock, you can make earmuffs.

First, cut a piece of pipe cleaner to about 3″ long. Shape it into a curve and hot glue the ends to the sides of the snowman’s head, with adult assistance.

Pipecleaner on snowman head

Then glue a pom pom onto each end of the pipe cleaner.

Pom pom earmuffs on snowman

Make as many snowmen as you like – a whole family of them looks so cute arranged together!

Sock Snowman Decorations

These rice and sock snowmen are so quick to make, kids will love crafting up a whole bunch of them. They also make adorable gifts!

It’s so fun to mix and match scarves, winter hats, and earmuffs too – you could even take them to the next level and make felt top hats or add popsicle stick skis!

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