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Santa Paper Craft

This Santa paper craft is a great photo craft for the holidays. We love how Santa’s arms and legs wiggle when you pick it up. This wiggly Santa photo craft is the perfect activity for a classroom project or Christmas party. They would look great on a bulletin board too.

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Wiggly Paper Santa Craft

Paper Santa Craft for Kids

Make a wiggly Santa for each person in the entire family! Or you can try our wiggly elf or wiggly snowman craft too!

To make this really easy to put together, you can use our free printable template. Or you can cut out the shapes yourself too!


Supplies Needed To Make A Paper Santa


Paper Santa Craft for Kids


Watch the Video Tutorial


How To Make A Wiggly Paper Santa

1.  Cut out the template and trace around the elements.

You will need red glitter paper for the body and hat, gold glitter paper for the belt buckle and black cardstock for the belt.

You will also need red cardstock for the arms and legs and black cardstock for the mittens and boots.


2. Glue cotton balls to the brim of the hat.

Make Santa Hat for Paper Santa


3. Glue a white pom pom on top of the hat.

Glue Pom Pom to Santa Hat


4. Glue a black strip of paper for the belt onto the body. You can use our template for this part and kids can color it in, or you can draw your own to make it a little bigger like we did.

To make the gold buckle: cut out a square to fit the belt. Bend the square slightly and make a slit in the middle. Then cut out the middle of the square with scissors.

Make the Santa Body and Add Belt


5. Glue a black button on top of the belt.

Glue on Button to Santa Body


6. To make the arms and legs, cut out long strips of red cardstock. Then accordion fold the pieces.

Make the Accordion Legs and Arms


7. Next, glue the mittens and boots on.

Glue the mittens on the top of the arm paper.

Glue the boots underneath the leg paper.

Paper Santa Template Cut Outs


8.  Glue cotton balls around the face for the beard and glue the hat on top.

Glue on Santa Hat


9. Put the body together by gluing on the arms and legs.

Glue on Arms to Santa Body


10. Glue the head to the body.

Wiggly Paper Santa


This wiggly Santa is sure to be  one of the cutest Christmas crafts that you try this holiday season!

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